Thursday, August 11, 2005

Still on the Quest for a Great Fitting Pair of Jeans

Last Friday's blog described my experience with The Gap's new line of jeans for curvy figures. It seems, at least for me, that they're not cut curvy enough. So here I sit in my Lee Classic size 6P jeans. They're fine - really they are. It's just that they're...well, classic. The style hasn't changed significantly since I started wearing them in the early 80's (and maybe that's a *good* thing!). Still, I find myself craving something a little more stylish, more contemporary.

Well someone mentioned that Lee also makes a line called One True Fit jeans. They're lower rise, bootcut, different washes ("whiskering" and so forth). I read the testimonials on the website and was so excited. No gapping! Stretch denim that hugs your curves! One of the testimonials was from a woman who described herself as 5'2", 115 lbs , with a small waist and big hips - and she loved them, she wrote! She's only an inch taller than me and a few pounds lighter so I thought, maybe.... I visited a local department store that carries the line. No luck there. On me, the short length is still too long and the gapping was terrible.

Nearing desperation (well, not quite - it's only jeans, after all), I recalled that several years ago Levi's had a line - I think it was called Original Spin - where you'd visit a Levi's store, the associate would measure you, enter your dimensions into a computer and a pair would be custom-created for you. You're measurements would be stored into the computer so you could re-order (or adjust them) at a later date. Unfortunately this program was discontinued, according to the nice person from the Levis website who responded to my question. She suggested that I try other Levi's styles - certainly I'd find one that I'd be happy with (oh yeah?).

I emailed her back explaining my dilemma (namely my misproportioned posterior) and told her that I didn't have the patience or the attention span to try on 3 sizes (I'm usually a 6 or 8, but not having ever worn Levi's, perhaps the sizes run differently?) in each of the gazillion styles they make. Okay, so gazillion may be a slight overestimation. So I asked the Levis gal to be honest: will any of their jeans fit short curvy women? I explained my problem with gapping, plus the fact that some of my curves are on my belly so very low rise is not an option.

Here, in part, is her email reply:

"Honestly, we do have various styles that sound like they will suit your needs. I highly recommend that you try the 515 (tm) misses boot cut jean .This is a slim fit, boot cut jean very popular this season. Now, it is a low rise, BUT, it only sits nicely on the hip area and is very flattering to the belly area, so in no way are they offensive :):):) "

How cute is that? I may just have to try a pair of 515s. More to follow.


~d said...

I find that Old Navy makes a relaxed fit jean in ankle lenght that fit me real well...Too long, ALWAYS, but hips, butt, and even waist!

Elle*Bee said...

I love Old Navy, but I've tried several styles of their jeans and still have problem w/ gapping. The lyrics to the song you included in your comment to my previous post is going through my mind. ;-)

~d said...

Gosh, my mind cant remember what I was singing THIS I have to go back and look...DARN IT !

Sugar said...

6P!!! Wow! I am like soooo jealous of you now!

Elle*Bee said...

I'm barely hanging on the 6, sugar! I'm watching the pounds creep back on but I can't figure out why...I suspect it may be hormonal as I'm approaching "that age." My weight has yo-yo'd in the past decade - I have my Lee Classic Fit ranging from 4P (which I'll probably never wear again) up to 10P (which I hope I don't get back up to again).