Saturday, August 27, 2005

OUCH! Sam's Baseball Injury

Last night Sam, age 8, was injured by a baseball and he wasn't even playing the game. Our family was at a pro baseball game (a farm team). DH and youngest son were in the concession line, older two sons went to the men's room and I went to the ladies' room. As I was washing my hands, I could hear a child crying. I thought, that sounds like Zack (my youngest), but I knew he was with his dad waaayyyy over there getting snacks. I heard the crying again and said, darn it, that's one of mine! So I leave the restroom in a blaze and sure enough, there's Sam laid out on the ground with quite a crowd gathering around.

Oldest son Drew explained that Sam was hit by a baseball. What are the chances? We're on the second tier of the stadium, when a player hit a foul ball past the third base line, over the first level of seating and nailed Sam right in the hip/thigh as he was leaving the restroom. It didn't hit the ground and bounce first. An inch and a half over, it would've hit him in The Spot No Man Ever Wants To Be Hit (although at the time, we weren't sure it hadn't). Poor baby!

There was a really nice man in a bright yellow shirt who was asking Sam all sorts of questions to distract him while someone else went to fetch ice and summon the paramedics. We carried him to the first aid room so the medic could check him out in relative privacy. Sam started feeling better and paramedic took some ice from the giant bag and put it in a latex glove and tied it off so he could tuck it more discreetly inside his shorts. A representative from the team gave Sam a souvenir baseball (Drew managed to retrieve the foul ball, but Sam had seen enough of that one!). After we completed the incident report, Sam felt well enough to stay for the game. He has a bruise and his leg feels a little stiff so we're skipping his own baseball practice this morning so he can rest.

Never a dull moment with this crew!


Sugar said...

Ouch! I hope Sam feels a lot better. :)

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, Sugar! He's doing better now...the bruise is fading and he said it doesn't hurt anymore.