Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Little "Me" Time

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, my dad-in-law picked up the boys yesterday and took them to his house to spend the night. Hubby and I enjoyed a nice dinner at an inexpensive Mexican place. Nothing fancy, but one of those places the kids would never enjoy.

Today, I slept as late as I could, waking at 10:20. I took a long shower (no speed-shaving and nicking my ankles!), then headed for the haircut place for a trim. I planned to do some shopping and mapped out 4 or 5 places I wanted to go. Here's what I discovered. At my leisurely, kid-free pace, I still managed to browse every rack in about 15-20 minutes. I grabbed a Starbucks iced mocha for lunch (just because I can) and realized at 2:15 I had already gone through my list of places to shop.

Fortunately the caffeine kicked in and I caught a 'second wind'. I managed to find a few other places to shop. I didn't buy much: two pairs of sequinned ballet flats - one gold, one dark brown, and a top.

It's 6:00 and the boys are home now - let the chaos begin! ;-)


~d said...

That is one thing I am envious of...people who have grandparents close enough to take the kids-FOR FREE. I barely ever get alone time with my DH. It seems that our time together is when the kids are asleep...and then we are still ultimately responsible because invariably one of them will wake up needing something. ( Wow, was that a run-on sentence or WHAT ? )

Elle*Bee said...

That's the entire reason we moved back to La. My mom is my best friend, but so not into kids. She's a great long distance grammy - emails, cards and care packages, but until they're old enough for their first beer, I don't think they'll relate. Andy's sis, Kay, and hubby lives 2 blocks over. We'll take turns watching each others kids. Andy's other sis, Amy, lives next door to Kay - she's the aunt we all impose on. We're so blessed to have (his) family nearby. We try not to abuse it often.

Elle*Bee said...
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Jules said...

I miss family being near. My parents and in-laws live 2 1/2 hours away and it's rough. Luckily I have great neighbors and friends that can watch the girls here and there for dr's appt and such. But it is actually rare that Jim and I get to do stuff just us. I am not sure we would know what to do without the kids to occupy the conversation (sad but true).
We are VERY disconnected lately.. just going through the motions.. guess it's part of the "7 year itch" thing?!

Elle*Bee said...

It's true that on those rare occasions when we do go out - just the hubby and I - we spend the majority of our time talking about the kids. But I guess that comes with the territory. As a stay-home mom, I can't answer the question "how was your day?" without mentioning the boys. We didn't have this type of support when we lived in Virginia and it was soooo hard.