Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Update - Wed. 8/31

No real news to report. Not much is being reported about West St. Tammany Parish, because it doesn't seem to be as catastrophic as Slidell, Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard.

This is what I've heard from various online forums, and news reports:
  • Most of the flooding in Mandeville occurred between the lake (naturally) and Monroe Street.
  • Madisonville experienced flooding at the Tchefuncte River, but I haven't heard that the Hwy. 22 drawbridge was damaged.
  • Most of the subdivisions in Mandeville have some type of wind damage - fallen trees blocking roadways, trees going through houses, downed powerlines. It seems intermittent, though. Most reports I'm hearing, from the eastern part of Mandeville at least, are that one house might be devastated but the one next door might be fine.

Dear Hubby and brother-in-law are going to try to visit Mandeville tomorrow. They're not planning on staying - just long enough to look around and perhaps secure our houses if there's damage. I'll post more news when I have it...


Erika said...

do you think he will have an opporrtunity to jump over to madisonville?

Also, i learned yesterday that text messenging can sometimes get through. do you know what cell provider d uses?

Elle*Bee said...

I don't know what service ~D has. I also don't know whether Dear Hubby will be able to check out Madisonville. I hope so, but he's riding w/ my brother-in-law who I'm sure he has his own plans, too. If I hear anything, though, I'll let you know.

Jules said...

I tried ~D home phone just a bit ago and I got through!(1:30pm EST) Albiet it was just the answering machine.. but I got through. I also sent a text message to her cell phone just letting her know that I was thinking of her and if she got the chance to call.
Bee safe Elle*Bee and know that I am thinking and praying for everyone's safety and health!

Elle*Bee said...

thanks, Jules! please let me know whether you hear back from ~D