Saturday, August 13, 2005

First Day of School

My older two boys started school yesterday (on a Friday!). Sam is in 3rd grade at an elementary school that runs from K-3. Drew is in 5th grade at a middle school which runs from grades 4-6. I had never heard of this until we moved to this parish. Although our state ranks among the bottom two in the country for public education, our parish ranks first in the state, so that should count for something, right? They both had good days.

I worry a bit more about my older son. He's small for his age and tends to act younger than most of his peers. He's also speech impaired, plus he struggles with ADHD, so I'm always worried that he'll be 'an easy target.' To the credit of the teacher and administrators at both schools, however, he has never been made to feel different from or less than the other kids. I hope that continues to carry through. He works really, really hard to maintain an A-average and is really an extremely bright boy. Quite a deep thinker.

My middle child - bless his heart - things just come easier to him with little effort. Perhaps in some way this is poetic justice for all those times that we were so busy helping big brother. Still, his accomplishments - no matter how easily attained - are no less valid. We're very proud of him too. He seems to be well liked by his peers, especially the girls. He's not as introspective as his brother, but he's witty and fun.

I know you should never compare your kids, but sometimes it's hard not to. I don't do it because I want to see who doesn't measure up, or who is 'better' (answer: none). But rather, if I were to write down a list of the traits that I admire most in a person, I find that I'm blessed to find them in one form or another in each of my children. Each one is unique. Uniquely irritating sometimes, uniquely lovable all of the time. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great year for each of my kids.


~d said...

I am sure I have told you this, but J's cousin starts K at Mag Trace. I am sooooo glad they are not in the same school, b/c inevitably SOMEONE will compare the two. It WILL happen.

Elle*Bee said...

It's funny b/c w/ my 3, they all look alike, but the similarities stop there! :-) I always thought D and S were "polar opposites" but along comes Z. There's not such a thing as 3 poles, is there?