Friday, August 05, 2005

So the store advertises "jeans that fit every body" - except mine!

There's a retail store that claims to have a style of jeans for every figure. This month, they've even launched a line for "curvier" women. I was so hopeful...

I'm carrying a little more weight than I usually do (I'm working on that!), but nothing outrageous. I'm just a little out of proportion: my waist is small and my hips aren't. I've always been that way, whether I was a size 4 or a size 10 (right now, I'm mostly a 6, occasionally an 8).

My biggest pet peeve is pants that fit in the front, but gap at the waist in the back. I've been wearing Lee classic fit jeans since highschool. They seem roomier in the hips and smaller in the waist than most brands. The only problem is they haven't changed their look since I was in highschool. I'd like a more contemporary wash, or perhaps a boot cut.

Anyway, at the store today, there was a real nice sales girl who helped me pick a bunch of different sizes and lengths to try on. "One of these will work - I just know it!" she said. I should have asked her to placed a bet.

I found that the sizes run small. At least that's what I'm telling myself because size 8 was snug. I'm only 5' 1" so I tried the 'ankle length.' Oh they were ankle length alright - if you're five-foot-nine! What's the point of buying boot cut jeans if you have to hem them to the point that the boot part is gone?

These jeans for curvy women come in two rises: low and ultra-low. Excuse me, but some of my "curves" are in my abdomen - do I really want that hanging out there for the world to see?

Oh well, as a consolation prize, the store gave me a coupon for a free download from iTunes. (Actually, they give one to anybody who tries on jeans.). I'll end here...I'm hopping on iTunes' website so I can pick my song. Perhaps Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls' - because we "make the rockin' world go 'round." ;-)


Jules said...

Like yourself I am a "curvy" woman... working on that too! I have found that the "at waist jeans" at Old Navy fit well and they come in petite for us shorter ladies.

Elle*Bee said...

I'll still be curvy even if I get down to my weight goal - the inches might come off, but the proportions never change. I haven't had luck with Old Navy in the past, but I'll go look for the jeans you mentioned. Thanks for the recommendation.

~d said...

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Elle*Bee said...

Maybe Sir Mix-a-lot could start a line of blue jeans? ;-)