Monday, July 03, 2006

The Boys' Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had a little party at the house to celebrate the Son#1 and Son#2's birthdays which were June 23 and June 17, respectively. If you've been following my blog, then you know that Son#1 and Dear Hubby were at Boy Scout Camp from June 17-24, so we decided to celebrate with the extended family on Saturday, July 1.

The guest list included Dear Hubby's dad and siblings, niece and nephew and the neighbors across the street. That amounted to, what, 14 people in our little 1163 sf house. Nothing fancy. Chips, dips, half a dozen pizzas from Papa John's, and the cake I baked (Son#1 requested chocolate cake with chocolate icing). The electricity went out as soon as the guests arrived and stayed off for over two hours, so we started with the ice cream first (Son#2 requested chocolate). They made out like bandits gift-wise.

I'm going to take Sons #1&2, along with one friend each, out for the day - maybe Chuck E. Cheese and a movie. (Hey, I'm a glutton for punishment).


Farm Girl said...

Damn electricity. Well, doesn't that just bite. The good new is that it's summer so at least you didn't freeze. I'm sure he had a good time anyways.

Elle*Bee said...

Actually, les, I live in southeast Louisiana so even in the winter, freezing isn't a big concern. I also have a tiny house so if I open the living room windows and the kitchen window, I get a nice cross-breeze.

~d said...

I heard a rumor the CnC in Metairie is back open-not that you would GO THERE over Slidell...just thought I'd throw it out.

Elle*Bee said...

~d - CnC? Do you mean the obnoxiously loud pizza place with the giant rat logo? I've been to the one in the eastern part of our parish a couple of times. I rarely venture to the southshore, though.