Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Beaded Jewelry

I'm going to try to post a few pictures of the jewelry I've made. I mentioned it in my June 18 post but for some reason I wasn't able to post photos at that time. This first one is made with aquamarine chips.

This is a 3-strand pearl necklace I made for my friend, Renee. She kept Son#3 amused at the bead shop while I browsed so I told her to pick out some beads that she liked and I'd make her something. She selected the dyed green pearls to go with an outfit she has. She wanted to keep it simple but I snuck in a few Swarovski crystals on the middle strand. I also made her a pair of matching drop earrings.

I'm just now experimenting with the embellished chain stuff. This photo is of my first piece of that type. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's a sterling chain with grey cultured pearls and grey Swarovski crystals.

It's fun - a nice little creative outlet, not to mention that I now can own accessories to match every outfit if I wanted to (except I'm not that much of a fashionista so most of this stuff just sits in a box)!


~d said...

I love this kind of jewelry. I have a piece or two here or there. The clasp in the first pix-I am scared of those clasps-like I will totally lose my bracelet or whatever.
That second pix-the 3 strand-my God, that is gorgeous!
**abt my 'writing'...I am experimenting...having fun. I always, Elle*, always wanted to be a writer...I don't know if this qualifies-but here it know?

Farm Girl said...

Love the pieces, very pretty.

Elle*Bee said...

~d, I've never been a fan of the toggle hook either, until the gal that taught me how to bead told me that if the bracelet is sized properly, it wouldn't come undone. It makes sense because I have a small wrist and had trouble with bracelets I purchased in the past. I haven't lost any that I made for myself (knock wood).

I've also wanted to be a writer. The problem is I have nothing to say! ;-)

Thanks, les!

Anonymous said...

girl you could make some money! Why aren't you selling these? They are so pretty! Set up a link to a jewelry bog or something, and post all your jewels. Then people could order,and stuff. I really like them!

Elle*Bee said...

Thank you flipflop mamma, for the kind words. I'll give your idea some thought. (It might help if I had more than 6 readers, though - LOL.) I'd love to be able to make enough $ to recoup my expenses so far, and to buy more supplies. For now, though, it's just a hobby.