Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Birth Story...(Son #2)

On June 23 – Son #1’s bday – I posted his birth story. Granted it was long, but then again so was the labor. Here is Son #2’s birth story. It started similarly to Son #1’s – irregular contractions, long pre-labor. However, I was a bit more nervous this time because second labors are supposed to be quicker that the first.

The contractions started around midnight – still not 5 minutes apart for an hour or more, as directed by the doctor. My past experience taught me to take that with a grain of salt. The period between 4 and 6 a.m. were filled with painful contractions – not back labor this time, but still no picnic. Narcissist that I am, I managed a shower (if I can’t shower daily, I get grumpy).

I called the OB/GYN’s answering service around 6:30a.m. It’s a multi-doctor practice. The Cute Doctor, who was at the hospital, returned my call – think Tim McGraw with hair (maybe Tim does have hair, but I’ve never seen him without a hat so I’m skeptical). He tells me, “well, the contractions aren’t very close together and the fact that you can talk during the contractions tells me this isn’t the real thing yet.” Uh hello? Doesn’t past experience count for anything? And besides, as Dear Hubby can attest, there isn’t much that I can’t talk through. I push the issue. It may be my imagination, but he seemed just a tad irritated when he suggested that I stop by the office in an hour for a ‘labor check’ since the first doctor usually arrives at 7:30. Okay, I can wait. I hope.

Anyway, the doctor’s office is down the street from the hospital. I show up unannounced and explain that Dr. S. suggested I stop by for a ‘labor check.’ I was ushered into an exam room. Dear Hubby stayed in the waiting room. Not sure why, other than it was just a peek. Dr. M. (my regular OB-GYN) checks and says, “uh, did anyone drive you here?” Sure, Dear Hubby is in the waiting room…why? “You need to get to the hospital NOW.” I was, still talking through my irregular contractions mind you, 8 centimeters dilated. Dr. M. considered calling for an ambulance, but we figured Dear Hubby could drive the two blocks just as fast as the ambulance could make the 4-block round trip.

I arrive at the hospital, what 8 minutes later, and there was Dr. Cute to greet me. Nyaaahh nyaahhh, Cute Guy – you don’t know who you’re dealing with here. I settle into my hospital bed (none of this walking the halls nonsense like last time), and secretly hope that one of the other doctors arrive to deliver my baby. Dr. Cute’s day started early so shouldn’t he be going home by now? No such luck. Glad I managed to paint my toenails and shave my legs. Wish I would’ve paid more attention to my bikini area. Isn’t it stupid the things that go through one’s mind at a time like this?

Dr. Cute and I discuss the timing of my epidural. Should we break the water first or get the epi first? I agreed that we should wait until after he manually breaks my water (I remember that crochet hook thingy!). The reason being that my contractions were still highly irregular and that the epidural could potentially slow the contractions further. It’s settled then. He’ll break the water, go have a cup of coffee and come back to check on me.

Keep in mind that I was in labor for *hours* after having my water broken the first time. Even if second labors are quicker, then what’s faster than “hours”? Fewer hours? An hour? Try minutes. Poke with the crochet needle, gush, doc steps out of the room, doesn’t make it down the hall before we (me, Dear Hubby, nurses) call him back. I want my pain meds NOW!!! No time, says Dr. Not So Cute By This Point. An anesthetist raced in just in time to give me an injection that he says “should” (!) kick in just in time for Doc to make any – ahem – necessary repairs. (I don’t want to offend the sensibilities of The Guy who occasionally reads my blog.)

Although it was very short delivery, it was indeed ‘natural’ childbirth says Dr. Cute And Forgiven. Nice catch by the way, Doc, did you play baseball in college?

So Son #2, who turned 9 on June 17, was born without the cone head that adorned his big brother. Getting him here was a royal pain in the ass (pun intended), but well worth it. He is affectionate, funny, smart, sometimes exasperating, always beautiful and I’m a better person because of him.


~d said...

I love these stories, I LOVE them! Do we have to wait until February to get Son #3's delivery?

Elle*Bee said...

I dunno. I was thinking of waiting until his bday, but now that I've seemed to have scared everyone else away, perhaps I should work on it now. ;-)

Jules said...

i love it! MY kids were both c-sections! With Samantha I was in there and cleaned up within 2 hours (had to wait for the or to be ready). Mybe on their birhtdays I will do the birth stories (and they are both February babies!)


Elle*Bee said...

Son #3 and I are Feb babies. Sons #1 & 2 and Dear Hubby are June babies. My mother's ring has light purple (Alexandrite) and dark purple (Amethyst) stones.

~d said...

If you build it, they will come.

Raghav said...

lovely story
dr. cute... hmmm... i think ill take my wife to a lady doc