Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Musical Meme from Jules...

I've been tagged by Jules. This meme has a musical theme.

1. Choose a band/artist: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

2. Answer each question using the title of a song by that band/artist. OK

3. Are you male or female: American Girl

4. Describe yourself: A Woman in Love

5. How do some people feel about you? All Mixed Up

6. How do you feel about yourself? I Won't Back Down

7. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: @$%hole - Yes, that's the name of one of his songs.

8. Describe current boyfriend/girlfriend: You Got Lucky

9. Describe where you want to be: House in the Woods

10. Describe how you live: Baby Let's Play House

11. Describe how you love: Too Much Ain't Enough

12. What would you ask for if you had just one wish? Louisiana Rain - not a hurricane mind you, just enough to ease this drought.

13. Share a few words of Wisdom: Make it Better

14. Now say goodbye: I Don't Know What to Say to You

If you decide to play along, post a comment here so I can check yours out!


Jules said...

that was great Elle*Bee!! I enjoyed it... might have to get some Petty for my ipod now! I saw him in concert eons ago and we had lawn seats... contact high man.. contact high!!


Elle*Bee said...

I love some of his stuff, others...not so much. He was the first that came to mind. Other than Queen - I would've loved to work "Fat Bottom Girls" in there somewhere...

~d said...

THIS is GREAT! Isn't it amazing how it just fell together once you started?!

Elle*Bee said...

well, ~d, I do have to admit I had to search for a couple of songs to fit the question, but I thought the 'ex boyfriend' was an inspired choice. ;-)