Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do You Censor What You Blog?

I'm curious. A blog buddy (we've been real life buddies long before we became cyber-buds) and I were talking today about controversial blog posts and it got me thinking:

Do you - you being my 6 readers, of course (oops! make that 4, two of my readers are non-bloggers. Get with the program, will ya?? I digress...) - do you edit what you write out of fear of offending the sensibilities of people that you likely have never met?

Do I? Oh yeah. There was a day when I didn't give a rat's ass what anyone thought and was more than happy to share my usually-unsolicited opinions with the world. Those days are long gone. Today, I play it safe.

A large part of that is because I don't drink as often* (bourbon makes me opinionated, okay?) and the other part is because I converted to Catholicism a few years ago so I'm trying to be a kinder, gentler me. Becoming a mom has also mellowed me. Still there are times when I feel I've lost my 'edge.'

But isn't a blog supposed to be our thoughts, our feelings, our opinions? For better or for worse? I mentioned to my friend that it's fine to apologize for offending someone, but no one should have to apologize for their feelings/opinions, especially since feelings and opinions can evolve over time.

I admire my blog buddies (you know who you are) who take risks, who aren't afraid to reveal themselves, to be - yes, controversial. Truth is, while I may not necessarily agree with you, I wish I were a bit more like you. I'm raising a glass of wine in your honor. (Wine doesn't make me more opinionated.)

Viva la difference!

* kidding about the drinking thing - I didn't need a reason to be opinionated.


Farm Girl said...

I haven't been blogging long enough to worry about that. Part of the reason I have been keeping my space rather generic is because I want to be honest and real and say what I really think and feel without having to worry about that. I really struggle with how honest to be because in the back of my mind I wonder if I say something distasteful or whatever, how people will react. Not sure that was a very good answer.

Anonymous said...

I don't ever post about anything real deep where opinions will make or break me. But I did get into a REAL deep debate on abortion with about 4 other bloggers at

I was called a snobby bigot! But I atually gained 2 new readers to my blog from it. I thought that was cool!

~d said...

I think I know who you are referring to. That person gave their word that they would remove said post-and they did. Me? I put it out there-to a degree. I try not to use names-to protect the innocent-hahaha, and most of this is escapism ANYway.
I appreciate this post-I take it personally. (((HUGS)))
*still cannot believe I have to go to a flippin crawfish boil w/o you.

Elle*Bee said...

I tend to play it safe with my blog, too, altho' my readership is so small, I don't have to worry about offending the masses. LOL. But I have trouble getting 'deep' in real life too (hence the "emotional constipation" post a few weeks ago).

I'm not a fan of the Howard Stern types who'll offend just for sport of it, but I do admire those that aren't afraid to open up a bit.

flip flop mamma I think the nasty namecalling comes into play when other people's arguments are weakened - if you can't chip away at someone's position, then let's attack them personally! What a way to deflect - ICK!

Yes, ~d, you were certainly on my mind when I was writing this post (as were a couple other gutsy bloggers). You do put it out there, and while the result may not always be pretty, it IS always honest. I admit I was initially taken aback by the title of your now-deleted post - more so than anything contained in the post itself - but I don't think you should've deleted it. Hugs to you! BTW - ditch the crawfish boil and bring the kiddies to my house!

Dustin said...


even with 3 months of posting, some girls in town have already discovered it

sex talk = no bueno.
especially if its bad


~d said...

elle* I have a ton of fun on my site-my g-friend dubbed it "~d's World" I feel like I can be ME! and ME is the same person who deleted that post. It HAD to be done. I said I would. I do not break promises. Now, abt the crawfish boil-did I tell you Mr. Mister is renting a water slide to occupy the kiddies? HOW am I going to get out of that one?! Even feinging sickness would probably be taken as a LIE...I have to face it-I am stuck. How rude would it be to bring a book?

Elle*Bee said...

dustin - too funny! Sorry to say that my blog is pretty tame. Who knows when or if that will change.

~d - seriously. The crawfish boil is about 2 miles from my house, maybe less. When no one's looking, scale the fence, cut through the vacant lot to the street with the middle school. You know the way to my house from there.