Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Son #2!

Son #2 turned 9 today. His dad and older brother left this morning for Boy Scout camp. Our troop didn't get to choose the week, which means they'll be gone for: 1. Son #2's birthday, 2. Father's Day (tomorrow), and 3. Son #1's 11th birthday (Friday).

Anyway, we started our morning at 6:30 a.m. so Son #2 could unwrap a gift in front of Dad and his brothers. Kissed them goodbye, ate breakfast and then went to the ballpark for 8:00 a.m. Sam's baseball team, the White Sox, had their first game of a single-elimination tournament (did I also mention it was their last game?). They finished the regular season with 3 wins and 14 losses. Not a stellar season, but they had fun and the coaches were great. (Veering off topic here, but one of the coaches grew up two doors down from my childhood home, which is about 40-45 miles away from where we live now. I remember him when he was 4 years old. Small world, isn't it? And to add to it, Coach's older brother, who is my age, has a son in my Son #2's 3rd class at school.)

We returned home and Son #2 unwrapped a couple of more gifts: Nintendo DS (which worked out well since the first gift he chose unwrapped earlier in the morning was a Nintendo DS came cartridge - oops!). He spent quite a while playing with his new gifts, Son #3 watching over his shoulder, while I made some beaded bracelets. I usually limit how long the kids can play video games, but I made an exception since it was a brand new gift, because Son #1 was gone, and it was too darn hot to send him out to play.

He's showering now. In a little while, we'll bring Son #3 to Paw Paw's house and then take Son #2 to his favorite Japanese restaurant for a birthday dinner. We're not doing cake and ice cream until his actual party which will probably be on July 1st (I offered but he said no.) He and Son #1 have a combined party each year since their birthdays are 6 days apart and they pretty much have the same social circle.

We'll pick up Son #3 from Paw Paw's and come home later. Son #2 will beg to play more video games and I'll probably let him since he hasn't been bickering with Son #3. I'll stay up late since I don't sleep well when Dear Hubby isn't home (waving to Flip Flop Mamma). I'll either waste a lot of time watching late night TV, or I'll catching up on my email/blog reading, or I'll get some more jewelry pieces done. We'll see...


Farm Girl said...

Funny, I actually sleep better when hubby isn't home, perhaps it's because there isn't some pawing at me all night long. Glad to hear your son loved his gift.

Anonymous said...

~wave~ hey! what do you make bracelets for? curious. sorry you won't be sleeping tonight!

Looney Mom said...

Wow... hectic huh? It never ends. I wish everyone would go away and give me a day/night to myself... aaaahhhhh

Elle*Bee said...

Surprisingly I slept better than expected.

flip flop mamma I dabble with making beaded jewelry. Mostly for gifts. I've never sold anything - of course, I've made no attempt to. I probably should rent a booth at our church craft fair. Not looking to make $, but if I can recoup my costs of supplies I'd be happy. Still, that's probably more work than I'm willing to do. I'll post a couple of pics on my blog sometime.