Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Lazy Weekend...

This is the first weekend in a long time that there's nothing that we *HAVE* to do. So, yesterday we made the hour or so drive to the outlet mall mostly to look for shoes for Dear Hubby and the two older boys, as well as school uniform for Sons #1 & #2. Their uniforms consist of khaki pants or shorts, and navy or white polo shirts. In the winter, they can wear a plain navy sweatshirt over the polo and a coat of their choice. No obvious logos. I like the uniform policy. It's flexible enough that I can bargain-shop, and it simplifies things in the mornings.

Anyway, I found adjustable waist khaki pants in size 8 at the Gap Outlet. My boys are 9 and 11, and size 8 pants are rather big. If they don't grow into them by winter (probably late November for us), I'll deliberately shrink them in the wash. I did it last year and it worked great. Still, I'm hoping for a growth spurt.

We didn't find any shoes at the outlet, but the fragrance store had a Nautica Competition gift set at a great price, but I couldn't talk Dear Hubby into buying it. He likes the scent, but just bought a bottle of one of the men's fragrances from Bath & Body Works and therefore, didn't "need" the Nautica gift set. But it was a bargain! What does 'need' have to do with it?? ;-)

He even rejected my argument that he should buy it now and set it aside for later. He said he'll look for it when he's running low on the other stuff. But it won't be there then, I pointed out. Then it just wasn't meant to be, he countered. Sheesh.

Well, there was a cute little leather accessory (overpriced, of course) at the Coach outlet and they only had one left. It apparently was 'meant to be' so I bought it. It was kismet. Just waiting for me to come along. (See, Dear Hubby, that's how it's supposed to work.)

I would've liked to have spent more time in the Banana Republic Outlet but the kids and I were getting hungry so we left. We ate a late lunch at a place called Logan's Roadhouse. The kids liked the food, but even better, they were allowed - no, encouraged - to throw their peanut shells on the floor.

From there, it was on to Academy Sporting Goods where we loaded on up on school shoes (Sons #1&2), church shoes (Son #1), and work shoes (Dear Hubby), plus adjustable waist khaki shorts. I know my mom has been picking up navy polo shirts so we're probably set for the school year, clothing-wise.

This morning we attended Mass, but it's shaping up to be a rainy afternoon. Nothing to do but hang out and listen to the kids bicker.


~d said...

HOORAY for adjustable pants!
We went thru all 'our' shorts.
We still have the pants to try on-oh, and MINE gives me such a FLIPPIN hard time abt SOCKS! DEAR GOD!
*I am not really looking forward to getting up at 5:30 again. Arrggh.

P.S. did you hear abt Foto?

Elle*Bee said...

No. What happened to Foto? Email me if you need to.

Lala's world said...

my kids school (that we are leaving cuz we are moving far away) had a dress code! I loved it!!! it was so much better than the "uniform" as it gave way more flexibility and was easier on the wallet! my oldest went to Christian school for 3 years and had to wear the uniform and it was like almost the same cost as tuition!!

sounds like you had fun shopping! outlet shopping is my favorite but we don't have as many outlets up here in Canada as you do down there!

Elle*Bee said...

Lala, I like that our elementary school "feeds" into a middle school that has the same dress code. Unfortunately, I don't think they have a uniform policy for junior hight and high school (which is when it really becomes an issue, in my opinion.)