Saturday, July 15, 2006

Way to Go, Son#2!

Today, Son#2's Cub Scout Pack held a "raingutter regatta" boat race. Each scout was given a balsa wood boat kit several weeks ago to decorate and assemble. Today they raced the boats. The two racing "lanes" consisted of two 10-foot length of gutters, capped at the ends. The kids powered their boats by blowing on them (some cub scout packs use straws, ours blew directly on the boats). Out of 18-20 scouts, Son#2 came in 3rd place over all for speed. He got a nice little trophy. I always knew the kid was full of hot air! ;-)


Anonymous said...

That's soo exciting! It's always fun when your children win things isn't it?

Nikki said...


~d said...

YAY! (gosh, sounds so HOT though!)
and, yes, the husband DOES belong to that goofy-a$$ club. yes, yes, yes. Whatever.

Elle*Bee said...

flip flop mamma, it certainly makes it more fun for me, the spectator, when my kids win. (Altho' I don't consider myself to be very competitive.)

~d, well, I hope he makes $ w/ that goofy-@$$ club. They're an odd bunch, aren't they?

~d said...

A way odd bunch. Does he make $$? Beats me-I have never seen any!