Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm Back!

I had a very nice visit with my mother in the Washington, DC area. I flew up there on Wednesday afternoon, bringing a little suitcase and big purse. I don't like to check luggage, even on direct flights, because I want my vacation to begin the minute my feet hit the ground!

I picked up our rental car, then picked up my mom from work. We stopped at Starbucks, then a place called Noodles & Company (since they don't feed you on the plane anymore - the half a tablespoon of peanuts doesn't count). I picked up an order of Pad Thai to go then went back to Mom's apartment to unpack a bit. That evening we went to a little hangout where she and friends meet every Wednesday. Had a couple of cocktails.

Since I don't have cable at home (just haven't gotten around to ordering it), I like to catch up on all the stuff I normally don't get to see so I stayed up to 3:00 a.m. every morning watching movies (Walk the Line was very good, The Family Stone not so)or the true crime shoes on A&E.

The rest of my visit was pretty much a blur of dining out and shopping. Really, that's all we do. Especially nice was the fact that the only decisions I had to make was whether to buy this item or that one (or both!), and which menu item to order. I didn't have to make any of the little day to day decision that we stay-home moms make.

I did manage to have lunch with some former co-workers (now friends), and went to the post office to ship four boxes of stuff - things I bought, and stuff my mother has accumulated for me and the kids - to my house. They should arrived in a couple of days.

Dear Hubby took time off of work to spend with the kids and they had fun, too. They also cleaned the house - including the bathrooms! - while I was gone!

Today, I'm still in my pj's at 12:30. I slept late this morning (catching up on missed sleep - I only averaged 4-5 hours per night on my trip), and just finished catching up on my email. Now I'm off to catch up on other folks' blogs.

It's nice to be home.


Lala's world said...

sounds like a wonderful trip!! I LOVE shopping!!
so cool that you came home to a clean house and BATHROOM!!! oh my that is worth a trip away just for that!!!

Elle*Bee said...

So true! I usually visit my mother twice a year (staying 4 or 5 days). I may have to go a little more often if I'm coming home to a clean house!

Anonymous said...

All we do is shop shop shop when I see my mom too!!! AND I loved THe Family STone!!!! I rented it and watched it like 3 times!! I think I have it on my favorites list...I thought it was great. Huh. anyway, glad you're home and safe!!!

Elle*Bee said...

flip flop mamma, I watched The Family Stone because I like Luke Wilson and Sarah Jessica Parker. However, I think the reason I didn't like the movie very much is because it reminded me of a family I almost married into. Also, I wish some of the characters were better developed. It's good to be home.

Nikki said...

I'm glad your trip went so well.

Welcome back

Farm Girl said...

Glad to hear you had a nice time and welcome back.

~d said...

Happy, happy welcome home!
And look the gulf is still clear!

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, Nikki, Les & ~d, it's nice to be back.