Tuesday, July 18, 2006

50 More Random Musings

I'm having a bit of a writer's block, so here are some random musings...

1. My favorite color is red.
2. I'm dieting - again. This is unusual since it seems that I only diet in months containing the letter 'r'.
3. I don't dress my age. I've blogged about this.
4. On a related note, my mother dresses me. I think I've blogged about this as well. My mom, bless her heart, is a mall rat and is always buying stuff for me on sale.
5. I like shopping for home improvement stuff as much as I like shopping for cosmetics, shoes and handbags. I don't like to shop for jeans (see #2).
6. I was baptized six years ago.
7. I love chocolate.
8. I make beaded jewelry (I've blogged about this, too.)
9. I love my three boys. Four, if you count their dad.
10. I never wished for a girl.
11. I like 80's music
12. I probably know the theme song to every stupid sitcom from the 70's.
13. I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, for which I do not take medication. I haven't ruled it out for the future, but as a stay-home mom, I don't find that it's necessary. Son#1 also has ADHD.
14. I have light brown eyes. I think brown eyes is a dominant trait, yet all 3 of my boys have their dad's blue eyes (recessive trait).
15. I have dark brown hair. How dark depends on how well I'm hiding the increasing number of gray strands. Dark hair is another dominant trait. My three boys inherited their dad's dark blond hair (another recessive trait).
16. When I'm with my kids, I look like the nanny. Remember the old Sesame Street song, "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn't the same." That would be me.
17. Since my kids didn't inherit my dominant genes, I hope they inherit my coronary arteries.
18. My favorite TV Show is 'Grey's Anatomy'. I also like 'Lost' but the second season started to bore me.
19. I'm a night owl. So is Son#1. He and I stay up late on weeknights (during the summer) and watch reruns of 'Seinfeld', 'Becker', 'Frasier' and 'Yes, Dear'. Thankfully so much of it is over Son#1's head.
20. The ages of my friends range from 26 to 81. No kidding.
21. I like to browse eBay. I scan the auctions, but also some of the discussion boards.
22. I like blogging more than I thought I would.
23. I once decided my kitchen was a mess and instead of cleaning the stove, I repainted the entire room.
24. My master bathroom is a mess. Rather than cleaning the toilet, tomorrow I think I'll replace the faucet in the sink.
25. I shouldn't play favorites, but I really enjoy the company of our greyhound more than I do our beagle. The greyhound is very mellow, the beagle is very hyper.
26. I sometimes think I ruined Son#3. He's the first one I've stayed home with since birth and boy, is he a handful! My other two who were in daycare at least part time when they were babies turned out just fine (so far - knock wood).
27. I didn't watch 'Ally McBeal' often when it was on TV, but I did see one episode where she said that everyone should pick a theme song. I can't remember what hers was - something empowering, I think. My theme song would be 'Fat Bottom Girls' by Queen.
28. Speaking of songs, 'Kung Fu Fighting' - who can NOT smile when that stupid song comes on?
29. I'm very detail-oriented. Would that be anal-retentive or obsessive-compulsive?
30. I love to sing. I stink at it. No kidding. I took voice lessons for a time - just for fun. My vocal coach, a former broadway actress, said that I had good range and great lung capacity. "It's too bad you just don't have a good voice...." We both got a laugh.
31. I don't like to dance. I stink at it, too.
32. I've lived in Louisiana, Michigan and Virginia.
33. I've never been outside North America. I've been to Canada twice (Niagara Falls and Windsor) and Cancun eight times (before it became a spring break destination).
34. I have a bachelors in Communications and a masters in Organizational Development.
35. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
36. My alma mater, George Mason University, made it to the Final Four this year. I don't really like basketball.
37. I have no tattoos. I've considered getting one, but I'm pretty fickle. I'd love it today and hate it tomorrow.
38. I've worn pantyhose twice in four and a half years.
39. Other than for the births of my three babies (I've blogged two out of three), I've never been hospitalized.
40. I was a late bloomer.
41. Someday, I'd like to visit Scotland and the Tuscan Region of Italy.
42. I drink way too much Diet Coke, and not enough water.
43. I hate cockroaches.
44. I have excellent hearing. Sometimes it comes in handy, like when I can hear the mail truck a block away and I'm reminded to run out and put my bills in the mailbox. (hey ~d, Norbert is back on our route). Other times my bionic ears can be a nuisance.
45. I come from a small family (one living parent, one sibling) and we're scattered across the country.
46. I'm not athletic, but I'm handy around the house when it comes to assembling furniture, and fixing things.
47. I love gardening. I have a black thumb.
48. Besides being a night owl, I'm also a bit of an insomniac. I just read an article that talks about how insomnia can exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD.
49. I'm having trouble with the whole 'love thy neighbor' concept. At least literally. The neighbors two doors down drive me nuts.
50. I'm very nearsighted. So is Son#1. I wear contacts, he wears glasses.


Anonymous said...

So, do you and ~d live in the same neighborhood? did one of you start the other in blogging? What's the story? Anyway, great list! Have you ever read my 100 list? Oh, and I think it's anal-retentive!!!LOL

~d said...

WOW! Elle*.

I will let you answer Flipflop's questions-you know-b/c they are addressed to YOU!

Holla at Norbert.

(how is the other neighbor-the one I know from HS?)

I loved reading your list.
I am not sure I would have the patience to do that.
How long did it take you?
How many revisions (?) did you do?
I cannot wear my contacts for ANY length of time anymore-my eyes dry out terribly!

Farm Girl said...

Grey's Anatomy is also my favorite. I love Dr. McDreamy. Mmmmm. I am also VERY near-sighted. Thank God for contacts. I often refer to myself as being blind as the proverbial bat. Loved reading your list.

Elle*Bee said...

flip flop mamma, ~d lives next town over - 20 miles maybe? We met thru our DHs who are highschool buddies. It was a small class and their still very closeknit. Kind of a strange bunch, actually. I do know that ~d and I are the only normal ones among the wives. ;-) She introduced me to blogging. Then I stole it from you! I know read someone's a while back but couldn't recall whose.

Elle*Bee said...

Oops, flip flop, that should read "they're closeknit."

~d, I'll tell Norbert you said hello. My other neighbor (which is NOT the one I alluded to that's driving me nuts, BTW) is doing fine. He saw my walkway and said it's time for him to start getting 'homey' (his word - LOL). Gee, ya think? You've only been in the house 5 yrs. He added not one single plant, tree, shrub, exterior decor item. He did rip up the carpeting about 3 yrs ago and hasn't replaced it yet. But he has a girlfriend now and I've heard she might be moving in. Our property value should go up. (kidding - his place doesn't look bad, just sparse).

~d and les, my vision is around 450 - legally blind w/o glasses or lenses. I've been wearing soft contacts since they first came out (1978?). I only wear glasses in the early a.m. or late p.m. Have a bad habit of taking them off, setting them down, and then I can't see them. Sat on a pair once that way.

Lala's world said...

that was a very imformative list!! funny too!

Renee said...

Ok...now I'm totally addicted to your blogs. Anatomy will have to wait!!
I loved this list! You are too funny!