Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Son #1 & Son #2!

On Sunday, we celebrated Son #1's 12th birthday and Son #2's 10th birthday with a little party at our house (their birthdays are six days apart). The usual guest list: PawPaw, the aunts and uncles, and Girl Cousin (age 9 1/2) and Boy Cousin (age 8). We also invited Son #2's best friend and his brother, and Son #1's new friend from camp. For the most part, the kids hung out in Son #1's room playing video games. In addition to the GameCube, everyone brought their own Nintendo DS.

We ordered a bunch of pizzas from Papa John's, had chips, dip, fruit, soft drinks, juice bags, etc. We called the kids out to the kitchen table to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake. While the aunts were busy serving the cake and ice cream, I snuck into Son #1's room and set up their birthday gift: a Nintendo Wii.

After cake and ice cream, the boys unwrapped their gifts. They received a lot of cool stuff: video games, DVD's (Night at the Museum, Eragon, XMen 2), clothes, gift cards - I can't remember what else. When they finished unwrapping the gifts, I could tell Son #1 was hoping there was something more. I suggested that they go back in his room and play video games - and perhaps notice their other gift in the process. We adults all followed to see their reaction (you would think that would tip them off, but nooooooo)....which was nothing.

Wouldn't you know it -- all the kids went in the room, picked up their handheld systems and started playing. Finally an aunt opened the TV armoire for Boy Cousin because he had placed his Nintendo inside. Boy Cousin was the first to notice their was something "different."

After a moment or two, he turns to Son #2 and says, "Dude, you got at Wii?" Son #2 says, "no." The friends started shouting "You got a Wii! I got a Wii!" Son #2, apparently thinking they're talking about a different kind of "wee," starts to bolt from the room. (He later admitted that he was trying to beat the rush to the bathroom).

Son #1 meanwhile finally looks up from his Nintendo DS, realizes what's going on and lets out this bloodcurdling scream. Now THAT was the reaction I expected. It was a very good birthday indeed.


Nadine said...

Wow what a great way to reveal a gift. That was awesome. Happy Birthday boys.

Tracey said...

Awesome! I bet they love it. Did you get pictures or video?

John McElveen said...


Can WII come play? LOL


Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, nadine, I thought it was a good plan, but they didn't even notice (at first)!

No, tracey, no pics of the actual moment. There were too many of us crammed into his little 10x11 foot bedroom.

Sure, john! I've been having as much fun with it as the kids!

Sue said...

I am so jealous! (LOL!) What a great gift...I thought Wii's were hard to find?

Happy birthday to your guys!

TastesLikeCrazy said...

And your life will never be the same...

Lala's world said...

oh I love those kind of moments!!
happy birthday...a little your boys!

Shionge said...

I can imagine the fun & excitement Elle...Happy Birthday boys :D

Elle*Bee said...

Sue, they *are* hard to find, altho' I didn't realize it at the time. I figured that since they've been out for 7 mos., the hoopla would be over. So I didn't even bother to start looking until about 2.5 weeks prior to their party! Uh Oh. I finally lucked out with EB Games. I called on the day when exactly onearrived and I asked nicely if they'd hold it for me for an hour. Then I scrambled to find someone to watch my kids while I picked it up - I didn't want to ruin the surprise (altho' at that point, I would've, had it come to that).

Thanks lala and shionge for the birthday wishes.

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