Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where Did The Week Go????

Well, I did indeed survive Cub Scout Camp (in case you were wondering). It was fun. No mishaps, although there was a nasty gastro-intestinal bug going around the camp. Two boys in our den contracted it so they missed a few days. The camp itself was well-structured, which helped the time pass quickly.

The kids were pretty good. There were a couple that I had to correct over and over for the same thing, and one little guy who drove me (and everyone else in our den) nuts. Sweet boy, but he would burst into tears over the slightest little thing. During free time, they were playing with a Nerf football. He and another boy were both going for the ball and collided. No injuries, but this little boy insisted the other one ran over him on purpose. Well, if by "purpose" you mean he was going for the ball - the point of the game, after all - then yes, I suppose so. But did he purposely run into the kid? No. Ever hear of an accident? sheesh.

He was convinced that everyone else was ganging up on him. Now, perhaps by the end of the week, the other boys wanted to, but they did not on my watch. Son #2 was well behaved, which sort of surprised me, because he was a real handful when I taught his religion class this past year.

Friday was the only loosely structured day. Those that wanted to could sign up for "sharktooth" (swimming across the entire lake - lots of lifeguards stationed along the way, of course, plus a canoeist in case anyone had to be fished out of the water. Only two boys from our den opted not to participate (Son #2 was one of them) so we went to "free swim" at the beach. It was like a vacation! Me and only two boys. Heck, anywhere I go in my personal life, I usually have three. After Sharktooth, we got to go to the waterslide for a little when, then it was lunch time.

After lunch, it was time for the watergun fight. The only rules: no aiming for faces, no aiming toward the den tents or activity tents, and no shooting at the staff in the golf carts (the staff walking around were fair game). That went on for two hours. Oy! Just before the watergun wars, the littlest campers (Son #3 and his group) were ushered to the beach to play, then they got to participate in BB guns and archery. For most of the week, the little ones in the sibling program just stayed near their designated area.

During the watergun wars, the local fire department game out with their truck and sprayed the group gathered in the main field. That was fun for the boys. Getting soaked to the bone loses a bit of its appeal when you hit your 30's (and beyond), I think.

Son #1 and Son #3 each made a friend at Cub Scout Camp. We exchanged phone numbers in hopes of getting the kids together. We actually had Son #1's new friend over on Tuesday. Son #1 is rather eccentric, bookish, somewhat quiet. Not shy at all, but he doesn't have a lot of patience for foolishness (i.e. other kids), so making another friend is a huge deal (at least it is for me).

This past week has been busy, too. We've been preparing for Son #1's and Dear Hubby's trip to Boy Scout camp. They loaded their footlockers in the troop trailer on Tuesday and will caravan from Louisiana to Tennessee this Saturday, which happens to be the day before Son #2's 10th birthday. They return on Saturday, June 23rd, which happens to be Son #1's 12th birthday.

We'll celebrate both birthdays on Sunday, June 24th, although I'll ship one little gift to Son #1 at camp, and I'll allow Son #2 to open a couple of smaller gifts on his actual birthday. I'll also take him to his favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner on Sunday evening.


Tracey said...

Justin's in daycamp through scouts this week, too. He is lovin it!

Nadine said...

Camp is great for kids. Happy Birthday to sons 1 & 2.

Sue said...

Camp sounds fun, but exhausting!

Happy birthday to your boys...

Elle*Bee said...

tracey, we enjoyed day camp. I'm still not wild about the idea of Son #1 (he'll be 12 on June 23) going out of state on his own, so I'm glad Dear Hubby is going with the Boy Scout troop.

Thanks, nadine and sue!