Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome Back & Happy Birthday!

The above photo is of Dear Hubby and Son #1 at Camp Skymont in Tennessee. They just returned from spending a week there with their Boy Scout Troop. Dear Hubby took a bunch of photos of the scenery - breathtaking. For my blog, though, I'm just going to show a few.

Below is the tent where Son #1 and his buddy bunked. The adult quarters were the same. I couldn't imagine spending seven nights in one of these. If you look carefully, you can see Son #1 perched on his bunk under the mosquito netting.

Son #1 worked on several merit badges at camp. Below he's working on the fishing merit badge. He had to catch, clean, cut and cook a fish. Here he is cooking a perch. He has to catch one different type of fish to complete the requirements for the badge, but that one can be catch and release.

Dear Hubby told me that Son #1 really impressed the person teaching the reptile and amphibian class with his near-encyclodaedic knowledge of the subject. He has an amazing memory when it comes to things that interest him.

They had a terrific time, but it's great to have them both back at home.

Happy Belated Birthday to Son #1 (he turned 12 on June 23rd). If you're interested, click here for his birthstory.


Shionge said...

Hey...Happy Birthday to your Son#1 :)

Nice picture and the tentage really impressed me Elle coz over here...we would have to sleep on the ground :D

John McElveen said...

AWESOME!!! You just can't get that type of knowledge in a classromm. It's so good that the Scouts continue to share and teach respect for the "Great Outdoors" that God gave us to enjoy!!

Have a great week!


John McElveen said...

Oh btw thank you for the site link! Can't wait to scope it out!!!



Elle*Bee said...

shionge, those tents are actually pretty primitive by our standards. As for me, I can't go camping without an air mattress - otherwise I won't be able to stand upright the following day. The whole camping/scouting industry is pretty big deal here so little luxuries are finding their way to the great outdoors. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

john, I really like our troop. They're pretty traditional when it comes to respecting the environment and good, old fashioned values. (And you're welcome for the link. I hope you enjoy it. Whether or not, you believe the Book of Wisdom belongs in the Bible - as Catholics do - it still contains some very beautiful early Christian prose.)

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday to Son #1 - Cool pictures of father and son.

Sue said...

Clare wants to go camping - think she can tag along with your boy scouts next summer? (Seeing as "roughing it" to me means less then 24 hour room service!)

Happy belated birthday Son #1!!

Elle*Bee said...

Thank you, nadine!

Sue, I'm not an outdoorsy kind of gal myself. I have tolerated a one-night cub scout family camp out on two different occasions. Nothing too rustic, though. Sleeping in tents, but a bathhouse with running (hot) water nearby. That's most I'm willing to rough it.

Tracey said...

Oh, I remember camping in those in girl scouts. What fun!

Elle*Bee said...

tracey, I wasn't the outdoors type as a kid - other than the usual running around the neighborhood, biking, etc. My first camping trip was a year and a half ago.

John McElveen said...

elle- as far as anything we can use to talk about, discuss, think, pray--whatever about our Saviour--WHY NOT USE IT!!!

I know so many people get hung up on one particular Translation etc...but as we grow and learn I don't think we need to be so rigid that we can't incorporate and learn from others of very very similar Faith!!!

As long as we agree on the Basics of God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell etc- some minor discrepencies are going to arise...but we should not let the Devil divide us on those.. I know you and I see "i to i" :-) on this but in case anyone else reads it can't we agree to disagree on some little things--and then Love each other and our Lord- Celebrate things like Scouting and Baseball tournaments!!!!! YEAH!!

And just "Get Along"

Thanks again,