Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Boys of Summer

Son #3's T-Ball season came to close last week. No scorekeeping at his age level (5 years old). Instead the focus is on skill development and fun, fun, fun. Above is a photo of Son #3 rounding 3rd base and heading for home plate!

Son #2's team got off to a slow start. This is his second season of kid-pitched ball and it's still an adjustment for most of the boys. His team lost their first 5 games, then somehow found their groove. They one their next 5, tied one, lost one. The team was ranked #5 out of 11 for the season. They played a tournament game (single-elimination) on Saturday and won, so they were scheduled for a game this evening, but thunderstorms moved in so the game will be postponed. If they lose, the season is over, if they win, they play in Thursday's tournament. The winner of that game moves on to Saturday's tournament (the final day). It would be nice to win the championship, but to be honest, I would not be disappointed if they lose. With temps in the 90s and humidity in the 90+ percentile, you can stick a fork in me - I'm finished.

Below is a photo of Son #2 pitching. Interesting stance. It was good pitch, clean over the plate.

Below is Son #2 after the hitting the ball.
Finally, Son #3 and I watching from the stands.


Shionge said...

Oh such fun Elle...I can see that they all enjoyed themselves very much :D

Thank you for sharing

Nadine said...

They look great in their uniforms. I hope he does well in his games.

John McElveen said...

GREAT PICS!!!!! Boy does that bring back great memories of Little League. People didn't have such easy access to decent cameras when I played- so I really really appreciate seeing it through your eyes as to perhaps how my Mom saw it!

Thank You! and I'm glad your enjoying the Wisdom Posts--I'm having a blast with the study and God is awesome!!



Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, shionge, they did have a lot of fun this season.

Thank you, nadine, Tuesday's game, which was rained out, has been rescheduled for Thursday. If they win that, the final round of the championship is Sat. Either way, I don't think Son #2 will be disappointed. He'd enjoy playing in the final round, but then he'll end up missing most of his friend's bday party. If his team loses Thursday, then he can party on!

john, I'm such a slacker in that I rarely remember to bring my digital camera with me and I completely forget about the one on my cell phone! I gotta get better about that. (And you're so right: God is awesome!)

Sue said...

Those are great pictures - boys playing baseball just seems so summery!

And great picture of your with your son - you look so Jackie O with the sunglasses!

Elle*Bee said...

Thank you, sue, I don't consider myself to be very photogenic and hate having my picture taken. I obviously didn't know that one was being taken, or I would've hid. :-) Still it was a rare decent shot of me, so I thought I'd include it. I'm always behind the camera so if you were to look at our family photos over the years, you'd think my poor children were motherless!