Monday, July 02, 2007

A Quiet Weekend

This was the first weekend in a very long time where we didn't have something scheduled. Now that baseball is over, we will have a few more lazy weekends in our future. To recap, Son #2's 10-year old baseball team started off their season with a slump. Six straight losses. The finally found their mojo and ended winning all but two of the next ten games (one loss, one tie). His team was ranked 5th out of 10 going into the single-elimination tournament. They lost the final tournament game by one run, but still received a 2nd place trophy. It was a fun season. Great coaches, involved parents (but not too involved, if you know what I mean).

June was a busy month all of us except Dear Hubby volunteering for the weeklong Cub Scout Day Camp. Also is June was Son #1's trip to Boy Scout Camp in Tennessee. Dear Hubby also attended. It was a long week for me since Son #2 and Son #3 bicker more when Son #1 is absent.

The day after they returned from camp, we celebrated Son #1 and Son #2 birthday with a party.

Other than a barbecue/sister-in-law's party on July 4th and a short trip to visit my mother in Washington, DC (a long "girls" weekend of shopping and dining out), we have no plans. Zero. Zip. Nada. I'm sure things will pop up, but for now I'm liking this freedom (even if it turns out to be only an illusion).


Shionge said...

Sometimes impromptu appointment, dates or outing is more fun too :D

Have a great week ahead pal!

Nadine said...

Here's praying for some quiet time. After being so busy I always enjoy the days (even if they are few) where I can relax and not do anything. Congrats to your son's team for coming back to get 2nd - too cool.

Elle*Bee said...

gcjfzYes, shionge, you are right. However, unfortunately I tend to find impromptu errands to run.

I could use to quiet time, nadine. Right now, I'm stuck in "busy" mode so even if I find some free time, I feel like I have to "do" something. One can miss out on a lot that way. I'm hoping my upcoming trip will help me regroup.

KAYLEE said...

NICE BLOG YOU HAVE AND NICE POST I loove quiet weekends:)

John said...

elle- Blessings and have a fantastic 4th.


Oh, that's so Zen!!!

Zen again maybe it's not!\\

:-) J. Socrates Jr.

Lala's world said...

freedom is a wonderful thing! have fun enjoying it!!xe

Elle*Bee said...

Welcome, kaylee, and thanks!

LOL to john~!

So far, so good, lala. :-)