Thursday, March 02, 2006

What Was I Thinking??!!

I found myself asking that question a lot yesterday.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and like many dutiful Catholics, I went to Mass. I took Son#3, who just turned 4, with me. That was hell. He's not a fan of church to begin with - too much sitting still and having to use his 'very quiet voice'. About ten minutes in, he starts asking loud enough for many to hear, "Is it almost over?" For those of you familiar with Ash Wednesday mass, you know it tends to go on and on and on ... Then he starts with, "This is boring!" What made me think it would be a good idea to sit in the 3rd row? Or to bring him in the first place?

To those folks who thought my son was amusing: Thanks a lot! Your chuckling only encouraged him, you know. To those who kept shooting disapproving glances: Get over yourselves! You were four once too, you know (even if it was a hundred years ago).

Then yesterday I get a phone call from Son #2's teacher. She had an afternoon appointment that day and had to leave school early. The substitute she had line up called in sick so would I please, please, please serve as 'class sitter' for the last hour of the day? I thought, might be fun and I am co-room mom after all. My father-in-law who lives a few blocks away was available to stay with Son#3 and meet Son#1's bus, so off I went! The teacher had a little list of activities (Landmark Bingo, Word Search puzzles, and a couple of other games) which was very helpful. It *was* fun, but OY VEY! It was one of the longest hours of my life, topped only by childbirth.

Every now and then when trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, the idea of teaching pops into my mind. Note to self: THEY WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!!!

Finally, I won't even go too deeply into the fact that while I was class-sitting at the school, I should have been at home cleaning the house for company that was coming over later that evening.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I gave up chocolate for Lent?

What was I thinking?!!


~d said...

you've been tagged

~d said... we are doing the whole presbyterian thing...and we understand that Lent is recognition of the major sacrifice Jesus made by giving up his LIFE for us, and that for 40 days we give up something that means something to us as a daily ( hourly? ) reminder of what Christ did for us...but is it only a Catholic thing? It would seem to me, that any Christian can give up something as a daily reminder of what Christ gave up for other words: to make a long sotry short ( too late! ) we, as a family, are giving up various things...mine is ALL sweets...not JUST chocolate...I will enjoy the ride with you, Elle.

Elle*Bee said...

How have I been tagged? Should I check your blog (which was my next stop)? I don't know if other faiths 'officially' give up anything (you can also make a pledge to do something positive each day of Lent), but I know a number of non-Catholics who do observe Lent. I like it b/c it's a period of reflection leading up to Easter and it lands in the midst of my 'regular' life, as opposed to Christmas (which I also love) which is also important but that time of the year is so filled with busy-ness. YKWIM?