Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random Musings

I'm having an "ADHD" moment and cannot organize my thoughts to save my life. (And, no, I'm not mocking. Son#1 and I have both been formally diagnosed with ADHD, but I digress...)

Last night, Son#1 hollers from another room that his little brother - for the first time - just peed standing up!!!! (Little brother turned 4 last month and was potty trained this past December.) "Woo Hoo!" says Dear Hubby. Before getting too excited, I just wanted to clarify: Exactly *where* did he pee? (I'm a stay home mom to 3 boys, so I know to ask these things.) Fortunately, it was in the proper place. WOO HOO, You go, boy!!!

I'm finally getting ready to re-do my bedroom. I bought new bedding so now I can paint my walls. I have a bad habit of doing that: selecting a color from my bedding for the walls. A year later, I'll be bored with the bedding, start shopping again and have to re-paint the walls another color. And of course, since I'm repainting the master bedroom, I just have to repaint the master bath, which started out "builder's beige" as I call it, then pale green, then periwinkle. I think I'll go with a different shade of pale green. This is the last room of the house that needs sprucing up.

I wish I had a scanner so I could share a photo. I took all 3 boys to have their picture taken at WalMart a few weeks back and just picked up the photos yesterday. The photo session was a huge chore. Son#1 is a really nice looking kid, but cannot 'fake' smile at all. Saying "cheese" results in a grimace. Otherwise, he ends up with this little look where he's showing some teeth, but not exactly a smile. He also has a tendency to blink (he gets it from my mom). Son#2 is a ham - very photogenic. Son#3 takes nice pictures, but at age 4, he's not very cooperative. We were there over an hour (fortunately no one else came by). I finally got a decent shot for the package. I let Son#1 look serious. I also ordered two poses - one is a nice brotherly shot. The other is identical except the older two were making funny faces. The photographer suggested it just to break the ice, but I ended up liking the shot and ordering a few prints. It really captures their essence, y'know?

Today's Deep Thought:
Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.


~d said...

I enjoyed reading this today, Elle. Very interesting read.
Would love to see the pix...maybe on Friday the 21? or Saturday the 22nd ?

~d said...

Maybe the night of the 21st you and your fam ( hubby and kids, too ) can all just come over-kids can play you me, Jules and my g-friend D can girl talk-men can watch kids...hahaha

Elle*Bee said...

sounds like fun! Remind me when it gets a little closer...