Monday, April 03, 2006

My Painting Project

I spend the better part of the last 4 days painting my bedroom and master bath (again) - I tend to switch colors every couple of years or so.

The master bath is now a pale sage green (lighter than it was two colors ago). I also gave the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint.

I painted the bedroom a pale beige (a warmer shade the it was two colors ago). I also painted a darker brown border at the top of the wall just for a little color. This is my first time choosing more neutral tones for the bedroom. I usually opt for brighter colors. It was yellow - like color of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Pretty soon I'll have so many coats of paint on my walls that they'll practically be sound soundproof.

What took so long was the fact that I only have a 3 foot step ladder and an 8 foot ladder. The former doesn't help me reach high places (I'm 5'1"), the latter was a a pain in the butt to move around the room. I caved Saturday night and bought a 5' ladder. I should've done it ages ago.

By now, every muscle in my arms, neck and shoulders are aching, but I finally have the house just 'complete.' It's only taken 5 years.

Deep Thought of the Day: Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.


Jules said...

wanna come and paint mine? I need to paint but haven't to get the paint nor the time with watching extra kids at my house. I was planning on doing it this summer but once again will have surgery- June 12th.

see you in 15 days!!


Elle*Bee said...

Oh, I hope everything is okay. I didn't realize you're having surgery. IM me sometime and let me know what's up (or if you blogged it, I'll check there - I haven't been on the PC much lately). For me, I tend to paint instead of actually cleaning. I get overwhelmed by the little stuff and get a much bigger sense of accomplishment tackling a larger project.