Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bye Nay-Nay and Other Musings

My dear friend is moving with her sister to North Carolina this weekend. I'll miss her bunches, as will Son#3 who has a major crush on her. She's one of my younger friends, but we've always clicked in part because we're both girly-girls and also because I'm very immature for my age.

Mentally, I feel like I'm in my mid-to-late twenties. I wish my body would age as slowly as my mind (ha ha!). As my birthday approaches, I keep waiting for the moment that I'll feel like a grown up. It hasn't happened yet...not when marrying, not when moving cross country with my husband, not having three kids, not when faced with my husband's heart disease and subsequent surgery (okay, that one did it a little).

But I digress. R, start a blog of your own adventures, please...I promise not to share the link with your parents when I see them at church. ;-)

Other news. I've been enjoying my new little toy. Dear Hubby bought me a Palm TX PDA for my birthday. I actually researched it (ad nauseum), and found the best deal, so I sort of knew what I was getting and opted not to wait until my birthday to unwrap. It's funny that as a stay-home mom, I would even think I'd need such a thing, but I am hyper-organized and anal-retentive so it suits my geekness.

My friend, Dee, treated me to lunch today. We went to Acme Oyster House. Started with the chargrilled oysters. We also split a soup and a poboy sandwich, but really, I could've opted for another dozen oysters. Yum!

OH! I almost forgot! I was 'carded' buying a bottle of wine at the grocery yesterday. If you know how old I am, you know why this is so terribly amusing to me. I asked the cashier if my crows' feet were "ID enough" and she said "no"! (Oh why, oh why couldn't it have been a college age 'he' instead of a 'she'? THAT would've been icing on the cake!)

More later....


Renard said...

This "R" sounds so adventerous! I'm sure she and her sister will have a great time on their travels out east! And I'm sure she'll come and visit you guys when she's back in town!!!

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, "R"! ;-)