Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Son#1 just arrived home from school with his Valentine's "loot" as he called it. He's sharing his SweetTart hearts with me. I didn't know how popular Valentine's Day would be in the 5th grade. They still have the "if you're bringing in something, make sure there's enough for everyone" policy (for which I'm grateful). Anyway, Son#1 decided to skip the traditional Valentine's cards and opted to hand out Jolly Rancher lollipops instead, which he said went over very well.

Some annoying kids on the bus are still bugging him. Mostly petty stuff, but these kids are friends of the obnoxious kid who already got in trouble for bullying my son and now has to sit at the front of the bus. Son#1 doesn't seem especially bothered by these other kids.

Son#1 will be 'crossing over' to the boy scouts in a couple of weeks. That should be interesting. He's looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, Son#3 turns 4 on Saturday. I guess it's official: I don't have a baby anymore (of course all three will always be my babies, but you know what I mean...). He's such a big kid.

Son#2 will be home from school in little less than an hour. I wonder if he'll have any chocolate in his goodie bag...

Dear Hubby and I exchanged gifts this morning (perfume for me, running apparel for him). No romantic dinner planned, though. I volunteer with a group at church and we're meeting tonight as we do every Tuesday evening. Gee, just because Father K doesn't have a date, doesn't mean his loyal volunteers don't have plans. ;-) (I say this with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.)

It's funny, though, how Valentine's Day evolves (as does every other holiday) once you have kids. Instead of enjoying Godiva dark chocolate hearts, I'm eating my kid's SweetTart hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!


Jules said...

I ignore the girls "loot" from school completely.

I made my traditional heart-shaped meatloaf for dinner, veggies, rice and a heart-shaped chocolate bundt cake for dessert.
It'll be a cake filled week around here...
Tomorrow is Samantha's 3rd birthday, we are having a joint family birthday party for Jamie and Samantha on Sunday (Jamie's birthday is 2/29).
THEN on 2/26 we are having a birthday party for Jamie with about 6 kids...
then we celebrate Jamie's birthdya on the 28th...

As ~D well knows... February is a very busy month and I will be happy to have it soon over!!


Elle*Bee said...

Feb and June are busy for me: This month it's my dad-in-law (2/13), Valentines, Son#3 (2/18), and me (2/26). June it's Father's day (Dear hubby and dad-in-law), plus Hubby's bday (6/1), sis-in-law's (6/9), Son#2 (6/17) and Son #3 (6/23). Actually a host of hubby's siblings have bdays in March and April, so I don't really get to breath until after the beginning of July! Happy birthday to your girls!