Saturday, May 13, 2006

Son #1's Big Adventure in the City

Son #1, age 10, and his dad (Dear Hubby) attended a Boy Scout outing to the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Some were going on afterwards to attend the New Orleans Zephyrs Baseball Game, but my son declined that portion of the trip.

Son #1 was very interested in the weaponry, planes and boats on display at the museum. Dear Hubby said there were a few gruesome photos, but I find that Son #1 has an amazing gift of putting things in proper prospective and therefore wouldn't likely find the images too frightening. This is one reason why I allow him to watch the evening news. We discuss the stories, talk about what might lead to the human tragedy so often displayed, and of course talk about how much good occurs every day, yet isn't considered newsworthy. In some ways, he is wise beyond his years. (His younger brothers are more typical of peers their age and I do tend to shelter them more when it comes to TV.)

They really enjoyed the museum and afterwards, Son #1 and Dear Hubby walked the mile or so to the French Quarter (no, they didn't visit Bourbon Street - he's not *that* wise beyond his years! ha ha!).

They did eat at Hard Rock Cafe, where the hostess had multiple facial piercings: eyebrow, upper and lower lip, tongue. Plus she had her inscisor teeth filed (or capped) into vampire fangs. Son #1 was surprisingly unimpressed. I would have thought he'd ask a billion questions about that. The waitress, a young caucasion women in dreadlocks, who apparently had a thing for men in uniform (Boy Scout uniforms included), was also entertaining. Both of these women would rate a second glance in our little 'white bread' neighborhood, but both were very funny and good at their jobs. Dear Hubby used it as a teaching tool. As in, Oh my gosh! Did you see that? Yet, they were nice and professional, which is why we should never judge a person by their appearance.

From there, they walked around Jackson Square and took a few photos. They saw a wedding party exiting the St. Louis Cathedral, looked at the various artists who set up shop along the square and then - ta da!!!!! Son #1 saw a large iguana. He said, "Dad, who do you think it belongs to?" (Translation: "Can we keep it?") There were two man chatting about 5 feet from the iguana so my husband guessed it belonged to one of them and told Son #1 so. Son #1 waited for a break in the conversation and asked, "Excuse me, does this iguana belong to one of you?" The answer was "yes." Son #1 asked, "May I take a picture of it?" (Translation: "Drat! I hoped it was a stray."). To which the owner replied, "You can take a picture *with* it." It was the highlight of the day.


Juliabohemian said...

Iguanas make great pets. But, they can get REALLY big and become hard to feed.

I have a facial piercing, but I couldn't imagine having vampire teeth. what practical purpose does that serve, exactly? Besides, I just had massive dental surgery and I couldn't picture myself volunteering for something like that.

Elle*Bee said...

I'll occasionally see an pierced eyebrow here and there, or maybe a lip, but not alot of multiple facial piercings. There's not a lot of diversity in the area where we live. Having lived in the Washington DC area, I kinda miss it (it was pretty conservative fashion-wise, but ethnically diverse). Of course, as you get into New Orleans, you see more creative expression when it comes to one's appearance. My son is very chatty (code word for 'nosy') so I'm really surprised he didn't grill her for info: "Why'd you do that? Did it hurt? What'd your mom say?" He was just soaking in the sights that day, apparently.

I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Jules said...

holy moly that is a big iguana!! Glad that "the boys" had a good time!


Elle*Bee said...

I'm kinda surprised that you did see the iguana when you were visiting. Apparently he and his owner are regulars in the Quarter! Needless to say, Son#1 wants one now. (not gonna happen!)

Elle*Bee said...

oops that should read "surprised that you DIDN'T see..."