Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm Sorry - I've Exceeded My Maximum Number of Decisions for Today...

Have you ever felt that if you had to make one more decision, your head would burst? I feel that way more often than I care to admit. Today, for example. A perfectly enjoyable, first-day-of-summer-vacation day with my three boys.

I wake. I decide whether to do one of my DVD workouts or two (decided to skip legs today and work on abs only - I usually do both on Fridays). I wake the boys and help them decide what to have for breakfast. I decide what to eat. I decide what my 4 yr old would wear. His request ("pants with pockets"), while helpful, doesn't really narrow down things much. I decide what I would wear. Then we decide our day. We have quite a few errands to run and plan our strategy.

We pick up my friend who had an outpatient procedure at the clinic, stop by the pharmacy drive-thru window, then bring friend to her house. Off to Target. Decisions, decisions: whether to buy swimsuits for the older 2 boys (yes). Which ones? Looking for a bookcase for Son#1's room. Target has several. Will this one fit, will the laminate on that one peel? I decided I don't like either. We need two Target gift cards for the neighbor girls (Katrina evacuees who will be moving into their new home soon). How much to put on the gift card? Bumblebee card or Target dog card? (One of each.) Do we also buy a greeting card? (No.)

Next up: department store that's having a good clearance sale. I don't feel like trying stuff on. We decide to leave.

Next stop: Linens-N-Things. No bookcases there, so that was easy. Lunch at Moe's Southwest Grill. This was when I knew I was in trouble. It took me ten minutes to decide what I wanted to eat a taco. They prepare the food at the counter and ask you "Hard Taco or soft? (soft) Black beans or pinto? (none) Beef, chicken, or tofu? (chicken) Shredded cheese or cheese sauce? (shredded) Lettuce? Tomato? Sour cream?" ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! ENOUGH!!!!! It's a taco, for Pete's sake, not rocket science. Just put regular taco stuff on it!

I gave myself a break at the pet store: I let Son#1 and Son#2 buy mealworms for their geckos while Son#3 and I waited in the air conditioned minivan parked right outside the door. While waiting, I get the great inspiration to make little ankle bracelets for the two girls that I bought the gift cards for, so it's off to the bead shop. Don't even get me started on the decisions *that* trip required!

When we returned home, I helped the boys clean out their backpacks and sort through all the stuff they accumulated and created during the school year. More decisions. What to pitch? What to keep? Where to put it?

So it's approaching dinner time and Dear Hubby asks what are we having? Not in a 'what are you fixing' way, but 'you decide and I'll cook it' (he's so great like that). Problem is, by this time, I have a headache and couldn't care less if the kids decided to have mudpies for dinner. (Actually, I'd nix mudpies, but if they begged for cereal, I'd cave in a heartbeat.). Dear Hubby decides to make chicken nuggets for the boys and pick up sushi for us. Left up to me, I'd just sit there all night until I got hungry enough (around midnight) and then I'd raid the cookie jar. Voila! Dinner is served.

Dear Hubbe really takes good care of me when I'm like this. So why did I want to scream when he asked me what I wanted to watch on TV tonight - regular program or DVD? Comedy or suspense? Kid-friendly or grownup? Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found my blog, so I in turn could find yours. I have really enjoyed reading you posts! So, then you had to decide what jammies to wear, wash your face tonight, or skip out, what time to finally crash, and then what late nite snack to eat? It never ends! lol

Elle*Bee said...

Looking back on it today, it was a pretty idiotic post, but there are times when at the end of the day, my brain literally turns to mush. It's these times that if you asked my name, I'd actually have to think about it. :-)