Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Not Into Our Groove Yet

The older two boys finished school on Thursday, May 25th (a half day of school at that). I guess that makes this Day 4 of summer vacation. Oddly enough, I can't even remember what we did on Day 1 (Friday). Monday was Memorial Day, so that didn't really count.

Yesterday was Time Travel Day. I'm not kidding. We slept a bit late, getting up around 9. I exercised for 20-30 minutes while the kids played, then we had breakfast around 9:30 or so. Boom! Next think I know, it's noon and I'm still sitting at the kitchen table in my pajamas. How did that happen? Here's the amazing thing. I only spent a short amount of time on the computer - probably 30 minutes at most. So where'd the rest of the morning go? I had forgotten about this time travel phenomenon associated with summer vacation.

Today was a little better. Woke around the same time, exercised and showered, before the two kids across the street came over at 10 am (I was watching them while their mom ran a couple of errands). After they left around 11:30, I did a little homeschooling with Son #3, before running a couple of errands of our own, then came home and did chores. We (meaning I) got the idea that if we did a thorough cleaning today, then perhaps it would be easier to keep the house looking somewhat neat for the rest of the week. All we'd have to do is spot-clean! Yeah, right. Anyway, by the time it occurs to us to have lunch, it's 3:00! (We did have a snack earlier.)

So anyway, Dear Hubby just calls to let me know he's on his way home from work and do I have any thoughts about dinner. He knows better than to ask, 'what's for dinner?' (response: "whatever YOU feel like cooking.") So I explain that, um no, I haven't thought about dinner since I had lunch two hours ago. He says, oh another one of those days?

But hey, before we schedule an MRI or CAT scan, let's not forget we got stuff done, and the kids actually have time to play. This summer is going to FLY by!

Going off topic here, there's another cool blog that I'm enjoying immensely: The FlipFlop Mamma's. Faithful readers (all six of you), check it out. I've also included a link at left.


~d said...

Heya Chicka-
I am trying to make plans for every day. I have been successful thus far-one week. It is going to be a long summer, gurl!

Anonymous said...

losing track of time cause it's summer? that's my life! wake between 10 and noon, sit around, feed the baby, kick hubby off the comp. baby...feed big, have I eaten? eat...feed's my life..I do workout though!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait...thanx for puttin' in a word for my blog!

Elle*Bee said...

Hey ~d, good for you making plans. I can't bring myself to do it. But you could always include us in yours - let's get the kiddos together soon.

flip flop mamma, I have days like that too, altho' my baby's 4. I realize I've feed everyone but me - by the time I realize it, I'm famished and grab whatever's convenient. Do three cheese sticks and a yogurt count as lunch? :-)

Looney Mom said...

Well I bounced off of flipflopmamma's blog; nice to meet you. I like to make new blog friends.

I hear you about summer. I'm a scatterbrain who loses track of time anyway, but for some reason it gets worse in the summer... oh well.

Come by and visit me any time!

~d said...

I feel you with the time travel-but sometimes its a really GOOD thing! I think today is going in s l o w motion. Only b/c Ihave stuff I am SUPPOSSED to do-and cant get OUT to do it.

Elle*Bee said...

Hi looneybin4sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be sure to visit yours.

~d, I think getting ready for bedtime is the only slow motion my gang and I are experiencing this summer! ;-)