Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've posted in the past about our concerns about Son #1's growth. To recap, click the following links:

In a nutshell, Son #1 is 13 and a half years old and in the bottom 3rd percentile for height/weight. His doctor recommended at a bone age xray test (according to the most recent test, Son's bone are about a year 'younger' than his actual age - this is especially true considering that Son #1 is losing baby teeth at a much slower rate than his 2-year younger brother.

Son #1 had a growth hormone stimulation test - which he passed with a D minus (anything below a 10.0 is generally covered by insurance, Son #1 scored 10.4).

In the past several months, Son #1 has taken an appetite stimulant, plus had two protein shakes a day. His weight is 71 lbs, his height 57+ inches. Although still in the third percentile, this represents a significant *increase* in growth velocity (growth rate). At this point, the pediatric endocrinologist feels that Son #1's issues are related to how his body processes calories, rather than an actual growth hormone deficiency.

This is good news in that Son #1 might expect to grow to a more average male height (say 5'5" to 5'8") than previously thought...without medical intervention (i.e. daily hormone injections).


Lala's world said...

oh that is good news!

Nadine said...

That is good news for your son.

Elle*Bee said...

It is encouraaging.