Friday, February 13, 2009

((( sigh )))

One son won't wear deodorant unless I stand outside the bathroom door and insist. Even then, I'm only assuming he's spraying it on his underarms and not into the air.

My other son has developed a liking for my perfume. Awww, how sweet, you're thinking. Um, but he's wearing it. That's right. My soon-to-be -seven year old has taken to wearing "Burberry Brit."

Finally, my middle son asked me to buy him a G-string. Fortunately, he was referring to his guitar.

.....and how was YOUR week?


Nadine said...

Oh my that's so funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Elle*Bee said...

Never a dull moment with these three! :-)

Shionge said...

Heheheh.....different phrases of our kids' life Elle :D

Happy Belated Valentine's Day.

Lala's world said...

oh man that reminds me of the time my hubby was wearing my perfume Obsession, he thought it was for men!! I laughed so hard!! so it's all in the nose I guess!!!