Thursday, February 05, 2009

Final Resting Place (Hopefully Waaaayyyyy in the Future)

I feel like such a responsible grown up. Today Dear Hubby and I purchased a burial plot. No, we’re not anticipating using it in the near future. This just seemed like a natural extension of my New Year’s Resolution: to get our estate – tiny that it is – in order.

Dear Hubby and I are open to the idea of cremation, and since one plot will accommodate two urns or one urn plus a traditional casket, we purchased a single plot. (Roman Catholics aren’t supposed to have their ashes scattered.) We figure if we can stand being around each other after 19 years of marriage, what’s eternity?

The cemetery is located at a religious community. It’s very simple and well-kept. It’s a pretty small place. The section where our plot is located is new. We selected a spot right near the new row of red maple trees, not far from the statue of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong: I hope it’s many decades before anyone will be moving in. But it’s a relief to get this out of the way. Does it sound morbid? I think it’s just my nature: I’m a planner. It’s also the first piece of real estate I’ve purchased that won’t decrease in value (kidding).


Nadine said...

That is very grown up. I pray you don't use it for another 100 years.

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, Nadine. Fortunately, I've never found 'such talk' depressing or macabre. It's somewhat comforting to know that it's taken care of and my family won't have to worry about it.

Sue said...

Wow that is grown up! And I hope you won't need to use the real estate for many many more years.

Lala's world said...

wow I wouldn't think about that kind of thing for another 40 years!! but I know my sister told me after her mother in law passed away suddenly she wishes that she had done something!!!

Shionge said...

Most Chinese did the same thing too over here. I have not though so hearing this from you is very 'grown-up'.

Like what Nadine mentioned, we pray you don't use it for many many 100 years to come ;D

Elle*Bee said...

Thank you, ladies, it's great to hear from you. I'm very much a Type A person, likes to organize and be in control (well, I try....), so this is just a natural extension. Next up: meeting with an attorney regarding our (cough, cough) estate.