Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Many of you know that Son #1 is a Boy Scout (as is Son #2). Son #1 is working on his Communications Merit Badge and one of the requirements it to serve as Master of Ceremonies (emcee) for a Court of Honor or campfire meeting. Last night was the Court of Honor, a quarterly ceremony where scouts are recognized for earning merit badges and achieving rank advancments.

Son #1 has a significant speech impairment. Combine his articulation challenges with his incredibly fast rate of speed (he's put most auctioneers to shame), well, let's say that sometimes it takes a lot of work on the listener's behalf...

That said, Son #1 was allowed to co-emcee with another Boy Scout. The other boy prepared a script (with Son #1's input), divided up the sections. Son #1 practiced over the weekend and I re-sized the script so he could have a small page of notes at the podium.

During the Court of Honor, I made it a point *NOT* to watch him very much because I wanted to hear just his speech, uninfluenced by his facial expressions, gestures, etc. I was so impressed. Of course the articulation issues are still there, but he really worked on his rate of speech. It would've been a much shorter meeting if he emceed solo and spoke at his normal rate. :-)

A couple of times during the evening, there were a few changes to the program (a previously unannounced guest speaker, at one point the co-emcee accidentally traded "lines" with Son #1). It didn't fluster Son #1 at all. He just 'rolled with it.'

So a couple of things jump out at me:

1) he *can* slow down when he really wants to
2) he really does live up to the Boy Scout motto of doing one's best
3) "going with the flow"
4) fearless. Absolutely fearless.

I think he had a lot of fun. I know I enjoyed watching him.


Shionge said...

I bet you are so proud of him and hey, me too...I was a Girl Guide when i was a teenager to that mades me a bit like his 'Senior' huh......:D

Elle*Bee said...

I guess it does, shionge. He's really enjoying it - getting to do all sorts of things that he might not otherwise try.

Nadine said...

You sound so proud and well you should. It's good that he is having such fun.

Elle*Bee said...

nadine, I was impressed with his effort, his flexibility (he didn't panic when they went off-script), but most of all his fearlessness. My articulation is just fine, but I would've been a nervous wreck!

Judi Hahn said...

You don't know me, but I picked up viewing your BLOG from the Lacey's BLOG "No 'off' position on the genius switch." I don't know the relationship between you and the Lacey's, but I enjoyed reading through much of your past posts. I especially enjoyed the one about your husband the the TV -- same here, click on TV, sit in a chair, and he, my husband of 42 years is in la-la land, making as much noice as the TV (he snores). And there are lots of us, even in our older years, who still haven't decided what we want to be when we grow up. So hang in there.

Elle*Bee said...

Welcome to my blog, Judi. Isn't it funny how a situation seems so unique when one is typing it but then re-reading it later, it seems universal.

I'm not familiar with Lacey's blog, unless she also publishes (or published) under an alias. I'd love to check out her blog though, if you can let me know the link. Yours too, if you have one.

Please visit again.