Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

Some of you may recall that I make handcrafted jewelry, and I'm trying my hand at selling it online - hence the link to the right.

Business is slow, but I've made a couple of sales. My biggest challenge, I feel, is self-promotion. It's difficult for me to say hey, look what I made! But I'm working on it. :-)

That said, I'm listing a few links below. Visit them if you have the time.

DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT asking you to buy anything, but I'd love feedback (on my jewelry, my second blog, my Etsy shop). Most of you are out there in the real world and may notice something that I've overlooked.

So click here to visit my Etsy shop.

And click here to check out my second blog devoted to my jewelry. For now, I plan to post weekly (on Fridays) on my new blog.

I really enjoy my personal blog and that will be my primary one. I have too much fun here on Would You Like A Little Whine... to let it fall by the wayside.


Nadine said...

Both are very nice. Your jewelry is beautiful. I don't think it's shameless self promotion at all. Have a great weekend.

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks for being the first to stop by my other blog, nadine (and esp. thanks for the kind words). I hope you're also having a great weekend!

Sue said...

Elle, I didn't get a chance to comment earlier but I did peek at the jewelery and all your pieces are gorgeous! I especially like the earrings. I wish I were more of a jewelery girl (hubby probably does too! LOL)

Best of luck with your new venture!

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, sue, I love jewelry (and shoes and handbags), but for some reason I keep reaching for the same old things.