Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aliases - Part II

On my Sept. 27, 2005 post, I wrote the following:

For some reason, Son #3 has never seemed satisfied with his name. I think it's a perfectly nice name (or I wouldn't have selected it) and it's one that has options (nicknames). Nevertheless, he'll periodically come up with alternatives.

At various times, he's requested that we call him....

1) Obi Wan Kenobi (kinda catchy, but doesn't go with our last name)
2) Chester (um, no)
3) Michael (okay, not bad once he dropped the "Jackson")
4) Now he wants to be called: Ovento Burrito

what the heck????

Since September, he's requested...
5) Christopher
6) Nicholas

I found this very interesting because I often thought if I ever had a Son #4 (i.e. if God has a really wicked sense of humor), I would name him Nicholas Christopher or Christopher Nicholas. However, I never mentioned it to anyone - not even Dear Hubby. Strange, huh?

But he's moved on. Now he wants to be called:

7) Logan. Nickname: Lo. He actually said that.

He's apparently mentioned it to other people because his Aunt Mimi told me that Son #3 told her that when he grows up, he's going to the courthouse to change his name and that he hopes the judge isn't too mean. Seriously. Who's feeding this kid legal advice?

And did I mention that he just turned six?


Nadine said...

That's funny how a six year old wants to change his name and has come up with so many alternatives.

Elle*Bee said...

I know! My other two seem to be perfectly happy with their names. Oh well. Two out of three isn't bad. :-)

Sue said...

Too funny! And if you figure out how a six year old mind works, will you share that information with us?

Elle*Bee said...

Sue, it's a mystery to me!