Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

That said, it's not easy being green in my part of town. I recycle my newspapers at the the big collection box at my son's school. However, I was disappointed to learn that there are no drop off locations for recycling cans, glass or plastic. (One the requirements for the Citizenship in the Community merit badge that my Boy Scout son is working is is to write a letter to a local official - I think we just found out topic.)

Today was Earth Day/Field Day at Son #3's elementary school. I worked the volunteer registration table and the newspaper recycling center (tying bundles with twine - the recycle folks don't want the newspapers in bags). Every time I saw Son #3 throughout the day, he had a new bandaid. Limbo contest? Fell and skinned his right knee. Jump rope? Skinned the left. You get the picture. (I'm just glad the teacher was there to witness it first hand. This kid is quite accident prone.)

All it all, though, it was a really nice day.


Nadine said...

As a kid I was very much like Son #3. My mom wouldn't let me play any games unless I was sitting for two weeks before my ballet recital.

Lisa R said...
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Elle*Bee said...

I had skinned knees probably from the time I was 6 until I was 12. I guess that's where he inherited his natural gracefulness. :-D

(BTW, I deleted my previous comment. I'm experimenting with a separate blog devoted to my jewelry, but I wanted a separate ID. I was signed in with the wrong ID.)

John McElveen said...

Hiya Elle!!!

Sorry I can't drop by as ofeten- but I still do!!! and I'm still gonna post on Shhhh. But with work and school I think I'm getting a feel for your life as a mom with a schedule that never stops!
God bless and I pray all is well!!

Much Love in Christ!!!


Elle*Bee said...

I'm glad all is well, john. I do visit your blog, too, but I don't always comment. But trust that I'm lurking. Hope school is going well.