Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break - Trying to Take it Easy

The kids are out of school this week for Spring Break, hence my lack of blogging. It's not that we've been busy, but rather, we've been relaxing and taking it easy so there's not much to report.

Sons #2 and #3 have been skateboarding with kids on the street. Son #3, who just turned six, is surprisingly good. He's not doing stunts, thank goodness, but he can keep up with the rest of them.

Son #1 has been spending a lot of time reading and doing crossword puzzles, when he wasn't entertaining his guest. (His best friend spend Tuesday and Wednesday nights.)

I've been making more of my beaded jewelry - I'm seriously running low on supplies, though. Staying up late, sleeping as late as the kids will allow. It's been good.


TorAa said...

First of all: I'm just a visitor from Norway to your blog.

Great family you have, I'm convinced you can take care of you all

You have 3 sons. Interesting so do I have.
But did not not give up. Number 4: A daughter. The first on my fathers side of the family for about 75 years. Guess she was #1. And she is.
Master of xyz and miss here and there voted. After 2 years in FL she is now working in Hong Kong.

And my youngest Son? He is married in SW MI.

That's my family, we are Global

Shionge said...

Busy all the time Elle and I didn't know you are into jewellery, do you sell them?

Elle*Bee said...

Welcome, toraa, to my blog. My sister lives in SE MI - beautiful state. I spent many of my childhood summers there. To be honest, I would've loved a Son #4 (by this time, I'm losing touch with the girly-ness!), but it doesn't seem to be "in the cards." I believe God knew exactly what he was doing when He blessed me with 3 boys. :-) Please visit again!

Yes, shionge, I just started selling my jewelry on It's a site dedicated to handcrafted items. My shop is I don't offer international shipping yet, only because I'm still trying to figure it all out! Soon, though. However, if you see something you like.... ;-)

Nadine said...

It's good to relax. I hope you enjoyed taking it easy.

Lala's world said...

your jewelry is so beautiful!

Elle*Bee said...

I am enjoying taking it easy, nadine. Unfortunately Sunday - which I like to keep low key (a day of rest, after all) - is going to be a bit busy. I'll blog about it eventually.

Thank you, lala. I've been making jewelry for a few years now but it mostly sat in a box collecting dust. I was inspired by fellow blogger, Jen, who sells on Etsy. It's slow going, but even two sales is better than sitting unused in a box. :-)