Friday, March 21, 2008

Twas the Night of Good Friday....

...and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But it's only 9:30, how can this be? Where are the kids, the noise, and the screams and the shrieks?

Okay, I feel like I'm channeling Dr. Seuss so I'll stop now. Dear Hubby is running a local race tomorrow with his high school buddy (an annual tradition) so he's spending the night at his sister's house. She lives closer to the race venue. Son #1 went to bed at 9:00 - he's a nightowl, so I know it's killing him, but this is his penance for staying up too late last night. He and Dear Hubby were watching "Passion of the Christ" on DVD and I knew Dear Hubby would fall asleep (an affliction that strikes when: 1) the TV is on, and 2) he's horizontal). I gave Son #1 strict instructions to turn off the DVD player and go to bed when the movie ended. Well, I know it's not a 6-hour film. At 5:30 a.m., Son #1 wakes Dear Hubby whose snoozing on the sofa to let him know that he (Son #1 is going to bed). Thanks for sharing. Five-thirty a.m., people! So tonight, no staying up late with Mom watching TV.

Son #2 and #3 went to be by 9:00 because they played hard, and they lack Son #1's stamina. It's deathly quiet in the house now. The only sound is the beagle snoring in the other room and DJ Jen's music from her blog, which I have opened in another web window.

May the peace and love of the Easter season be with you and yours!


John McElveen said...

God Bless you my Friend!

{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}


Elle*Bee said...

Back at ya, john!

Linda said...

I was blog lurking and came across your blog. I too have been the only female in the home for years. one husband 3 boys and a male Jack Russel. We recently added a female black Lab and yet somehow I still feel like the only female:)
Happy Easter!

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks for visiting, linda! I can certainly relate to your situation. Sometimes it's like living on an alien planet, isn't it? Always an adventure, that's for sure. :-)

Shionge said...

Happy Easter Elle :D

Sue said...

I hope you had a Happy Easter Elle!

How did hubby do in his race?

Nadine said...

5:30 he a teenager? That sounds like my grown up kids.

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, shionge and sue - you too! Dear Hubby ran his race well. It was probably one of his personal best.

No, Nadine, he's not quite a teenager (he'll be 13 in June), but he's always been a nightowl.