Monday, October 30, 2006

Cub Scout Cuboree 2006

We returned yesterday from the Cub Scout District Campout. We camped overnight Friday, had a full day (really full) of actvities on Saturday, camped out Saturday night and returned home yesterday, which I affectionately dubbed "LaundryFest 2006". Woo Hoo!

The weather was great - low 70's during the day and low to mid 40's at night. If you're new to my blog, Son #2 (age 9) is my cub scout. Son #1 (age 11) is a 1st year Boy Scout. Dear Hubby is the Cub Scout Master.

Here's a photo of Son #2 with his BB target. You can't see it in the picture, but there is a smattering of little holes along the right side of the target.

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Here's a photo of Son #2's archery target. It's hard to tell but there are four arrows there.
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[Posting photos via Blogger still isn't working properly. It's saying the pix have been successfully uploaded, but they're not appearing in my blog. I had to use Photobucket to get these two pix uploaded.]

Son #3, age 4 (too young to be a scout), enjoyed the trip, too. He was enthralled by this large green magnolia leaf that Son #1 found on the ground. Son #3 carried it around all day long like a treasure. He also did a great job of keeping up with all the walking that was required. Unfortunately, after the last activity of the day, after trekking back to the campsite, Son #3 realizes he forgot his leaf on the picnic table at the archery station. He'd been carrying the leaf for 8 hours and now IT'S GONE!!!!!! After grilling him to be sure that's where he left it and preparing him for the fact that it might have blown away/gotten trampled, etc., we embark on yet another hike.

A short way from our campsite we spot a magnolia tree. Big brown leaves all over the ground. Not good enough, though. He wants a green leaf. Unfortunately, every branch was out of our reach - and if you know magnolia trees, green leaves are not easily dislodged from their branches. So onward ho! We arrive at the now-deserted archery station and sure enough on the picnic table, there it was. Son #3 was very happy to be reunited with his precious leaf. (Chalk this up to one of the many idiotic things we do for our kids.)

Here's the kicker. We're not back at the campsite 15 minutes when a few of the younger cub scouts come out of the woods dragging a branch that they found. A branch full of a couple dozen big, green magnolia leaves. God has a sense of humor.

Unfortunately, Blogger is not allowing me to post any photos right now. I'll try again later.


Lala's world said...

isn't that always the way it goes? next time he says oh mom you never do anything for have a good oh yeah... remember when,,,

Elle*Bee said...

oh, he'd better not ever throw that back at me. The stories I have could fill a book!

Sue said...

Very cute!!

I just love how they will know which exact leaf they had, and absolutely need to get that one (no substitions allowed!)...

Sounds like everyone had a fun time (and I'm very jealous of your weather).

Heather said...

This is wonderful.

Elle*Bee said...

you're right, sue, and welcome heather.