Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Epilogue (see last post)

There are times when I find myself wishing my older two would just act their ages, for Pete's sake! They're 9 and 11 and it's pretty normal for them to sometimes revert back to their former selves, right?

After re-reading my previous post, and chatting with some of you via 'comments', I've come to the realization that my 4 year old probably could stand a healthy dose of "acting his age." Although, if anything, he's a bit precocious beyond his years. It seems at times that he's growing up too fast.

Let's face it. His playmates are his 9 and 11 year old brothers and the Old Fogeys (his dad and me). To summarize, he was completely overwhelmed at a new friend's birthday party. Those young kids (mostly 4 to 7) were pretty noisy and rambunctious - as 4 to 7 year olds should be.

This isn't the first time I found myself wondering just how, in 2002, I gave birth to a 75-year old little man. Once he and I were at our local library's Story Time. The children's librarian read several books with the space theme. Afterwards, the kids were to do a little craft projects - glue pre-cut contruction paper pieces on an ordinary paper plate to create The Man in the Moon.

The Librarian was explaining to the kids how it works: "Okay, this (holds up paper plate) is the moon." Preschoolers nod. Except Son #4, who dubiously looks at the Librarian and replied, "Uh. No. It's a plate."

He did ultimately use the glue stick to paste on the contruction paper eyes, nose and mouth, but I think he was just going along with it so as not to upset the crazy lady who thinks you can buy a pack of 300 "moons" for a buck and a half at WalMart.


Lala's world said...

he seems fairly intelligent to me!! something my 3rd daughter would say too! I think they are a lot alike!

Elle*Bee said...

He is very bright. Sometimes a little too smart for his own good, if you know what I mean. :-) He just *knew* very well that the plate was NOT the moon and he wasn't going to let some crazy librarian try to pull one over on him. He *has* been doing a bit better at using his imagination, though, so that's good.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's funny. Yeah, it's just because he's used to being around grownups. It's the same with "only children" they are around their parents all the time, and no other kids, so they don't know how to play, or use their imaginations, and they act very grown up.

Elle*Bee said...

yep, flipflop mamma, he's a little geezer.

Sue said...

I love how they think at this age. And you're probably right, a lot has to do with the fact that he spends his time with his older brothers. They start to act older and pretty soon you forget that they're supposed to act like they're 4, instead of 40!!

Elle*Bee said...

You've just hit upon something, sue...why is it that at age 4, they act 40? But at 40, they act...4? ;-) Men! Gotta love 'em.