Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The "Time Argument" Revisited

This from an article by John Clark in a homeschooling newsletter I receive:

"First, remember that the "time argument" itself is an invitation to assess what is really important in you life. When you say "I have no time for X", what you are really saying is: "Everything in my life is more important an X." So the next time you are about to say, "I have no time for helping my six-year old daughter with her reading", substitute the words above and say this instead: "Everything in my life is more important than helping my six-year old daughter with reading." You might discover you have more time than you thought."

Ouch. But the man has a point.

A lot of time management gurus use the analogy that time is like currency. Assume that each morning $86,400 is deposited in your bank account. The catch is: you have to spend every penny in order to have the same amount deposited the next day. What would you do? Would you forget about it until the last hours of the day and then attempt to spend it all in one place? Or would you plan and budget in an attempt to use it wisely throughout the day?

Those 86,400 dollars represent the number of seconds in our day. Of course we can't hoard our 'seconds' until 11pm and try spending them all then. So how do we get the most "bang for our buck" (or in this case, our seconds)?

Thoughts, ideas? Feel free to comment.


Lala's world said...

wow that is a really good point and as you know something that I am being challenged in.....breaking down the day I guess would help and maybe making one of those big charts that the Super Nanny does!!

Elle*Bee said...

I haven't seen the Super Nanny's chart. I'm a Type-A personality (big surprise, huh?) and I used to use a Daytimer to plan everything. I've moved on to a PDA, but I'm getting better at being flexible, at least during the day. It's the evenings that explode into activity.