Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Talk About a Pain in the Neck!


I received the call from the school. Son #2 (age 9) hurt his neck during gym class. Oh, he's moving okay (ruling out major spinal cord injury), no tingling fingers or toes (which usually occurs with a pinched nerve). However, when I arrived at the office, his ear was up to his shoulder and he was in tears. Since he was moving okay - it hurt to do so, but he *could* move - I opted to take him to the doctor's office rather than call for an ambulance.

Good call, fortunately. Turns out he pulled a muscle in his neck (which I suspected) and I could feel it spasming - is that a verb? He's home now and getting around much better. He'll spend the evening relaxing on the recliner with a heating pad instead of playing in his baseball team's tournament game.

He's feeling much better since he took some Motrin. I have a prescription for a muscle relaxant if he seems to need it.

This kid is a very tender fellow. It doesn't take much physical discomfort to move him to tears, but ironically this was his first non-routine visit to the doctor since his first and only ER visit when he was 9 months old.

Knock wood.


Lala's world said...

ahhhh poor little guy! glad it wasn't serious!!

Elle*Bee said...

Me too! He's feeling better, but still walks with that one shoulder a bit higher. Leave it to my kid to give himself whiplash while doing the long jump in P.E. class.

Sue said...

Hope your guy is feeling much better by now!

Elle*Bee said...

He's feeling great, sue, thanks!