Monday, August 21, 2006

What Do You Call It When... become obsessed with a particular project/book/craft/chore - whatever - and you absolutely MUST finish it TODAY???? A form of OCD? (No offense to those of you who may, in fact, have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.)

This weekend, I started another home improvement project. First off, let me say that it's huge progress that I know only work on a single project at a time. No starting new projects until I complete the one I'm already working on.

Anyway, this weekend, we decided to tackle the garage. Calling it a 'garage' is a stretch. It's very tiny. You *might* be able to fit a car inside if you had nothing else in there. We just don't live that way (in part, because our house is so tiny, we need the extra space for storage).

So we've decided to admit defeat (a motorized vehicle will never reside within its walls). We're sorting through what to pitch, what to donate and what to keep. We're rearranging shelves. We're going to buy a work station and cabinets. We're going to paint the floor gray and repaint the walls white. By 'we', I mean 'me.' Okay, Dear Hubby, is helping with the heavy lifting and spider removal, but I'm doing the bulk of the work. (Besides, painting over spiders is a pretty effective means of getting rid of them. It was an accident, folks. Really.)

Because the garage is so small and there's so much stuff, I have to either move stuff out into the driveway or move it to one side of the garage while I paint the other half, then paint the other side and move the stuff back. Plus the place where I'm donating the usuable stuff can't pick it up until September 21.

I'm getting burned out, though. I'm really ready for the this project to be over. But I still have purchase and assemble the cabinets. If I could just a good, uninterrupted, twenty or so hours, I know I can make it look great. (Yeah, right.)

I know, I know. Break the job into manageable pieces. But I don't want manageable, I want closure. I want to be finished. I want to start plotting my next project. (sigh)


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a woman. I don't ever hardly even step into our garage. It's smelly. Hope you get it all done!!! I have to start packing, and I'm dreading it!! Packing is a large project, and it sucks!!!

Elle*Bee said...

flip flop, I know what you mean about packing. I hate it, too. My hubby laughs at me that I'll tackle these huge projects (the garage, the walkway) but I get overwhelmed with wiping down the stove. I guess I prefer working on things that have a bigger impact.