Monday, August 14, 2006

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Son #1 (6th grade) and Son #2 (4th grade). They each had a good day. Son #2 has the same teacher that Son #1 had for the 4th grade. I hope he gets along with her better than Son #1 did.

For some reason, they would clash and Son #1 would get very, very upset (usually ending up in tears and just 'shutting down'). I remember when the teacher first suggested we 'get together to brainstorm on ways to help him manage his frustration.' I recalled telling her that sure, we could meet, but I had no suggestions to offer because he's never done it around me or any of his previous teachers. That didn't go over very well. (I should also point out that he never had any problems in class last year.) Still, Son #2 doesn't have the same issues as Son #1, so I suspect he'll be just fine.

As for Son #3, I resumed homeschooling him today. We took a break in June a couple of weeks after the other two boys got out of school for the summer. Today was a 'review' day. I was impressed with how much Son #3 remembers of our work together. All we have to do tomorrow is review the phonemes "n" and "k" and then proceed with new stuff.


Anonymous said...

We have school registration this week, and then it actually start next week. I can't wait!!!We only have 3 4th grade teachers this year, so there will be 28 kids in each class!! Both teachers are awesome, so we weren't worried at all. We got an inside scoop, so we already know which teacher she got. heehee.

Lala's world said...

so can I ask why you only homeschool 1 of the boys? just curious!! I had thought of homeschooling my oldest this past year as grade 6 was brutal...not cuz of the work load but because of the grd 6 girls!!! yikes what a year it was, and I was so glad for summer this year!

Nikki said...

Lauren starts 3rd grade on Monday.

I'm kinda nervous. She's fine. LOl

Elle*Bee said...

flip flop mamma, you do hear a lot these days about overcrowded classrooms, but it *can* work if the teacher has good classroom management skills. Sounds like yours does.

lala, our state's public ed. system isn't well regarded, but our area is the top in the state. My older two boys attend public school and are doing very well. My youngest is 4. He's too young for kindergarten, but has shown me that he's ready to start learning so I signed up for a Catholic homeschooling program. He's working on the kindergarten curriculum but we're taking it at his pace. I checked the local pre-K programs. Most are run by daycare facilities and are cost-prohibitive since I'm a SAHM. He'll start kindergarten at the public elem. school next year. I homeschooled my older two last fall when their schools were temporarily closed after Hurricane Katrina. If any of my kids at any time fail to thrive in their public school environments (academic or socially), I'd certainly homeschool them.

Nikki - I'm always much more nervous/excited about the start of a school year than my kids are!