Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life Expectancy

A friend sent me a link to this via email. It's one of those online life expectancy calculators. You answer a bunch of questions and it tells you how old you "really" are and how old you can expect to live.

Of course, it's a bunch of hooey. No one on this earth knows for sure when our time is up. But it was good for a giggle.

Here's the site:

And here's what it said about me:

Biological Age: 42

Real Age: 25.8

Average Life Expectancy: 75

My Life Expectancy: 90.2

It's been a long time since I was mistaken for 25 years old (probably about 20 years, actually). I must admit it was flattering even if it was by a computer program.

Then it goes on to tell me that my life expectancy is 18,000 more days. And to think I wasted this one grocery shopping!

Again, this link is meant for fun only.


Nadine said...

This is so weird. My husband's uncle sent him the same link. It was funny. I didn't save the stats but I should live to be at least 77.

Shionge said... my last few post I blogged about 85 years old ;D

How are you my friend? Hope you are well!

Elle*Bee said...

nadine, I'm quite sure I'll have overstayed my welcome if I make it to 90! ;-)

It's funny just how small the virtual world really is. It's happened to me before that I'll receive a joke email, or something, on the same day from two different people on opposite ends of the country who don't even know each other.

I'm doing well, shionge, thanks for asking. How are you? I did think of you as I was writing this post since I had read your 85 yr post.