Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Great Quote

"For those who know me, no explanation is necessary;
for those who don't, none is possible."
  • It's been attributed to a couple of people, but I've seen it attributed most frequently to Yogi Berra. Frankly, it sums up how I'm feeling these days. ;-)

  • There's not a lot to report here. Kids are doing well in school although Son #3 complains every morning that he wants to stay home. He's in kindergarten, people! And he's only been at it for three weeks. He's simply not a morning person. I keep trying to adjust his bedtime so that he'll wake in a better mood, but really. It's not practical to put him to bed at 5 p.m. Ha ha!

  • We're finally getting some much needed rain, courtesy of Tropical Storm (briefly Hurricane) Humberto. I'm going to keep this short so I can dash off and check your blogs.

  • (For some reason, when I preview, there aren't any breaks between my paragraphs, despite my using the "hard return". I ended up using bullets just to get the space. Anyone have any ideas?)


KAYLEE said...

haha no my blog is like that too.He will get used to it.I love yogi's quote:)

Joy said...

Kids are so adorable when they're young. What were you like when you were in kindergarten?

Your Love Coach

Nadine said...

I write my blog in Word and they copy it into blogger. I have no spacing trouble that way.

Elle*Bee said...

Welcome, joy! Kindergarten is such a fun age. When I was growing up, kindergarten wasn't mandatory like it is here in our area now. My parents opted not to send me (much like I opted not to send Son #3 to Pre-K, which is optional) - I missed out on all the fun. Well, actually, I'm sure I didn't miss it. It was just delayed a year. I know I didn't learn as much in first grade as they are teaching kids today.

That's a good idea, Nadine. I've done that with a couple of longer posts, but not consistently. The added bonus is that you have a backup of your blog.