Tuesday, September 25, 2007


For some reason, Son #3 (he's 5) has never seemed satisfied with his name. I think it's a perfectly nice name (or I wouldn't have selected it) and it's one that has options (nicknames).

Nevertheless, he'll periodically come up with alternatives. At various times, he's requested that we call him....

1) Obi Wan Kenobi (kinda catchy, but doesn't go with our last name)
2) Chester (um, no)
3) Michael (okay, not bad since he dropped the "Jackson")

Now he wants to be called:

Ovento Burrito

what the heck????


Sue said...

Sounds like a fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisines! Maybe he's a future world traveler? Or he's already on the lam from the law?

Too funny.

Elle*Bee said...

If he's not on the lam yet, sue, he should be! This guy is a handful. ;-)

Shionge said...

Sounds 'delicious' kekeke...:D