Monday, August 13, 2007

A Great First Day of School

First Day of School for Sons #1 and #2 was Friday, August 10th. Son #3 starts kindergarten on Monday, August 20th.

Despite almost missing the bus, Son #1 had a really good day at school. We were walking to the bus stop a block and a half away at least five minutes prior to the time recommended by the driver when the bus pulls up, picks up the kids and takes off. Darn. Fortunately, I knew the route and knew that we had a chance to race three blocks in the opposite direction and catch the very last stop, which Son #1 did - just in a nick of time. As Son #3 and I were walking back home, the bus driver stopped to let me know that he passes the first stop on the way out of the subdivision so that if we miss it the first time, he'll stop there a second time on the way out. Good to know.

Son #1 is 7th grade now. Junior High. The Big Leagues - changing clothes in gym class, changing classes, having a locker, etc.

As I mentioned in earlier posts Son #1 had trouble with this bully who has been in his class for the past three years. (Click here for a brief history, and here for our recent efforts to head off additional trouble.) This past Spring, Bully started smacking Son #1 in the back of the head several times a day and after three weeks, Son #1 finally has enough and strikes back. Yes, we've discussed dealing with problems as they arise...

Anyway, as I've blogged a couple of months ago, I learned that the Bully would have the identical school schedule as Son #1 ... all 7 classes. I also learned that Son #1 did not get his first choice of elective, Spanish. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive at the thought of his taking Spanish because of his speech impairment, but it'll be required in high school so I allowed him to request it. Truthfully, I wasn't disappointed to learn that he would take Agricultural Sciences instead. Son #1 has had all summer to get used to the idea of All Bully/No Spanish.

However, the principal - which whom I recently discussed my concerns about the Bully - really came through for us in more ways than one.

Son #1 got off the bus - so excited. Bully is in only *one* class (Social Studies) with Son #1. And Son #1 is indeed taking Spanish as an elective now. Ay Carumba! Had I known this earlier, I would've spend the summer working on the basics with him.

Son #2 also had a very good first day of school, but for Son #1 it was

The. Best. School. Day. Ever.


KAYLEE said...

haha thats great:)

Nadine said...

Oh that is so great. I'm so happy for him that he only has 1 class with him and he had a great day. That's awesome.

Shionge said...

You are a great mom sharing all these wonderful moments with us...I get feel the vibes Elle :D

Elle*Bee said...

Hi kaylee, how are you feeling? Glad all went well and that you were able to blog so soon to let us know.

nadine, it was a very good start to the school year.

thanks, shionge!

KAYLEE said...


Tracey said...

The best first day!! That rocks!! I am so happy for him. And what an awesome principal. I'd definitely be writing or calling in a thank you!

Sue said...

Hooray for good first days!

Can't wait to hear about the first day of kindergarten too!

Elle*Bee said...

tracey, I did write a thank you note - two, actually. I sent one the day following our phone conversation a couple of weeks ago and another one letting her know how much we appreciate all she's done.

sue, Son #3 went for kindergarten testing yesterday and had a blast. He's so excited. He can be pretty clingy, but he'll be riding the bus with our neighbor's kids and his cousin (normally, I'd drive him the first couple of weeks, but I think he'll like the company of the other kids). I will be a blithering mess when he leaves... I'll be a stay home mom with an empty, quiet, house.