Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1st Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was Son #3's first day of kindergarten. He had a really great day. Better than mine apparently. Here's a photo of him in his school uniform: navy blue polo (plain or with a school logo) and khaki shorts or pants (girls can also wear skirts or skorts). Kindergarteners are required to carry the school totebag, rather than a backpack. This is so the adults can spot the youngest students more easily.

No separation anxiety for my little guy. He climbed right on the bus, sat next to his cousin and didn't glance back.

After the bus pulled away, Dear Hubby went to work and PawPaw (who came to see Son #3 off) went home. I went back to the house to finish reading the newspaper and feel sorry for myself, when Son #2 calls from his school. They apparently changed the menu in the cafeteria and instead of chicken tenders, which Son #2 likes, they would be serving spaghetti, which Son #2 does not like. Would I please bring him a peanut butter sandwich before 11:15? See, I'm still needed. ;-)

I made his sandwich, attended morning Mass at church, dropped the lunch at the Son #2's school, and went to the department store. By the time I was finished there at 10:45, I was soooooo bored. I *really* have to get used to the quiet and to finishing my errands in 1/3 the usual time.

I then went to Barnes & Noble (Son #1 needed a thesaurus and there was a book I wanted to look at). I ordered an iced cafe mocha and just sat down in the cafe' section when my cell phone rang. I was my friend from California (bless you, Sandie, for calling at the perfect moment) so we shared a cup of coffee long distance. Sandie kept me amused for an hour and 45 minutes (bless you, Verizon, for free in-network calls).

That significantly shortened my pity-party. It was time to head home, do a couple of chores, check email and meet Son #2's bus. Son #1 arrived an hour later, and Son #3's bus arrived about 15 minutes later.

Son #3 enjoyed himself, except he didn't eat much of his sandwich - opting, instead, to fill up on the grapes I packed for him. He also didn't get a milk in the cafeteria because he "couldn't find" the milk money in his lunch bag. It was in the tiny zippered pocket exactly where I said it was. Oh well, he'll get the hang of it.

Son #2 also had a good day, as did Son #1, who was very excited about getting an A on his first Spanish quiz and his first spelling test.

Today is Day 2 of kindergarten, and Day 2 of my newfound 'freedom.' I went to morning Mass again, then took the minivan (which is named Steve, for those of you who do not know) for a car wash and oil change. Yesiree, I'm living the exciting life now! (yawn)


Jenmomof4 said...

Too bad we don't live closer! We could have a coffee together!! My fourth will start pre K Sept 4 and will be going Tue and Thurs. So on those days I don't know what I will do. After having 4 at home all summer then to none. wow.

I wish our church had morning mass. That would get my day started off in the right direction. I need to check the other churches and see if they have it.

Elle*Bee said...

Hi, jen, I just got finished checking out your blog, specifically the RAK post. I didn't comment though...kids are home and I'm multi-tasking while they're working on homework.

It's been a tough transition. Everywhere I go, I feel like I've 'forgotten' something. Of course, I know what 'it' is and I know he's not forgotten, but still... I actually almost "hushed" someone else's kid today - I caught myself before I realized that he wasn't my child. :-O

KAYLEE said...


Tracey said...

Aww, hon. You'll get used to it. Hang in there.

Sue said...

Son # 3 is so cute in his uniform!

Elle*Bee said...

kaylee, I'm doing okay. Hope you're feeling better.

Thanks, tracey, I'm trying.

Doesn't he, though, sue? He looks so big.

KAYLEE said...

not really unless you think going to an ER is feeling better haha!

Shionge said...

Very smart uniform Elle and he looks so handsome ready for school yeah!!!!

Nadine said...

It does take adjusting, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it and find that you'll be saying..."Oh no, they will be home any minute, where did my day go?"

My son when going to Kindergarten did the same thing...no looking back. I just cried. But it got better.

Elle*Bee said...

oh kaylee,I'm sorry to hear that! I must've missed it on your blog (I'll go off to check). Sending more prayers your way.

He looks like the little man, shionge!

nadine, I hope it gets better. I still find out I run out of things to do (and $ with which to do it) by 10:30 a.m.!!!

~d said...

I found a chick this am with 4 boys and one on the way. I left her a link to you...I like what she has written.

I will be back with her URL.

P.S. your kindergartenis such a CUTIE!