Thursday, August 16, 2007

But I'm Not Even *IN* School!

What a week it's shaping up to be! Not a bad one, mind you. Just busy. Son #2 is doing well in 5th grade. No big surprises. Of course, he's adjusting to a new teacher, but he's at the same school with the same friends as last year. We're just trying to get settled into the new routine and learn what the teacher expects. Open House at the school isn't for another week or so. I should have a better handle on things by then. Son #2 is a good student. Things tend to come easily for him so he doesn't necessarily put forth his best effort. We're working on developing a better work ethic, because let's face it, at some point things will stop coming so easily for him and he'll need a back up plan that doesn't include coasting on his good looks, manners and sense of humor.

Son #1 seems to be adapting well to Junior High. The big leagues. Changing classes for all courses. He hasn't been assigned a locker yet - that should happen next week once everyone's schedules are pretty much set (some "tweaking" of the schedules is still going on - not for my son, though).

Today is the first day that he'll have to change into gym clothes for Phys. Ed. class. I'm curious to see how that will work out. The school sells a gym uniform for $15, or they can wear a plain white t-shirt and plain navy gym shorts. We've opted for the latter so far. I'm not opposed to buying a gym uniform with the school logo on it, but right now a 5-pack of white Hanes t-shirts costs less than $5 at Walmart and I found 3 pair of navy shorts are Kmart for 4 each.
  • 3 gym uniforms + 2 extra shirts = $17
  • Not having to do laundry every night = Priceless

I'm a little worried about Spanish class. He does not have a text book. I know some schools are getting away from that, but Son #1 is not a great "auditory" learner. I hope they have books but perhaps haven't distributed them yet because the lockers haven't been assigned. In the meantime, he does have an excellent memory and that will help him with his vocabulary words.

He's also expected to do a science project this year, so we'll have to get online for some realistic ideas. Of course I'm not doing any of the work for him, but we do go through each notebook everyday - organization is a challenge for ADHD kids, and his organization skills are just emerging. It almost feels like I'm back in the 7th grade again, except I have clearer skin and finally outgrew the training bra, but I digress....

Then there's the paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Those of you have kids know what I mean. There are far fewer forms required to buy a house than it takes to get your kid settled in school. I have 3 kids, so that's 3 times the paperwork.

My kids are each at a different school which means I have to join 3 different PTAs. Don't count of seeing me at the meetings though. I don't have a lot of patience to sit through them - especially the reading of the previous meeting's minutes (Hellloooo? If I wanted to know what happened at the last meeting, I would have attended the last meeting. Sorry. That's me being snarky) and the budget stuff. As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm a "Slacker Mom" (I should make that one of the labels on my blog). I just can't participate in every fundraiser for 3 schools and two scouting organizations (cub scouts and boy scouts). I cannot bankrupt my in-law's, sorry.

Then there are the school fees. Lunch fee for the month, Supply fee to offset the photocopying expenses, PTA fee, Lab fee. Of course, each one requires a separate check.

Son #3 went for his kindergarten assessment on Tuesday so I picked up his packet and got a jump on that paperwork. His assessment went well. On the first day of school, the teacher will read a book - I forget the title - about a raccoon who goes to school but will miss his mom, so she kisses the palm of his hand. Momma Raccoon tells her son that if he gets lonely all he has to do is press his palm to his cheek and remember the love. I heard a similar story years before the book was published (1993) so my boys are very familiar with Mommy's Magic Kiss on their palm that cannot be washed off and will not wear away no matter what.

While Son #3 was in the class with the teacher for his testing, I sat in the hallway and completed my "assignment" - a construction paper cutout of my hand pasted on a larger piece of construction paper and a personal note. After reading the story on Monday, which will sound vaguely familiar to Son #3, the teacher will have the parents' "hands" in case the kids get lonely. Cute idea. The kids should be pleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile, I've been too busy to whine about how lonely I'll be on Monday... :-)


Shionge said...

What a list Elle...I bet your diary are full of entries huh? Take care and have fun, don't wear out yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jules said...

Jamie's teacher did the same book. It's called The Kissing Hand. My girls love that book! I am sorry that I haven't been "around" lately. Busy busy around here. I will get around to blogging again.. I promise!

Jenmomof4 said...

HI!! Its been a long time since I have commented. I have been out of town for 3 weeks and not much computer time.

I have a Jr. High child and we are going through the PE and learning how to open her locker!!

They start changing for PE on Monday. They can even shower if they have time.

Hope you have a great school year!

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks, shionge, have a great weekend, too!

That's the name of it! Thanks, Jules. BTW, I loved your Porn for Women email! (It's not what it seems, everybody - it's better, actually). ROTFL.

Welcome back, jen. Son #1 started changing for PE on Thursday but they don't have time to shower afterward. His phys ed class and homeroom are one and the same so that cuts into gym time, I guess.

KAYLEE said...


Nadine said...

Oh my. So much to do. Changing for gym...I remember those days. I hope you slow down for the weekend and enjoy some relaxing tiem.

Sue said...

I know what you mean about the paperwork. Luckily, I only have the one kid, so not as much as you!

And one of the good things about C's school is that while each family is expected to fundraise a certain amount, we can opt to just write a check rather than bother relatives and co-workers (I think they should just raise the tuition, but that's a rant for my own blog! LOL)...

Good luck tomorrow with kindergarten starting!

Elle*Bee said...

Thanks kaylee, hope you're feeling good!

True, nadine. The weekend wasn't as relaxing as I had hoped, but it was enjoyable.

Sue, I hear you! The problem is that we have so much family living within a 5 block radius (okay, it's not exactly a problem). Son #3 is starting the same school that his cousin is finishing (they live 2 blocks away). Dear Hubby's other sister lives next door to cousin. PawPaw lives four blocks away. Of course, Son #1 and Son #2's schools' will have fundraisers, plus the scouting groups. SHeesh!

KAYLEE said...


Elle*Bee said...

Sorry to hear it, kaylee, I'm heading over to your blog now.

KAYLEE said...

Thanks ellebee I will get better eventually!